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Create Authority Blogs that Make Money

A blog that has high reputation gets a lot of visitors and sales. However, the process to build one requires time and effort. you need to produce something unique and spectacular for your blog to become well known and popular. SEO Link Monster teaches how to do this the right way.

A blog that is highly respected within a particular niche gets a lot of visitors and lots of sales such as Easy Forex. When you are considered an expert on a particular topic, everything you write or post on your blog is golden. People will take it at face value. You also have the ability to influence and persuade. There lies the key in being an authority on a particular subject.

The trend today is to create small blogs with very short posts. The problem with this approach is that the content created with short posts do not provide much value to the readers. People visit your blog for one main reason, which is to find content, and not just any content but good high quality content that helps them solve their problem. The question that you should ask is, are you providing good content for your readers? A good way to assess this is by checking how long visitors spend time on your blog. Is it five seconds or an hour? There lies the difference. If a visitor spends only five seconds on your blog, they might not find what they are looking for and will go somewhere else to find it.

So here are some steps to create an authority blog:

1. Find a theme that you love and know a lot about. This is crucial. Writing good content is not smooth sailing always but your passion will sustain you.

2. Create a blog using WordPress with your own domain name and a compelling WordPress theme. If possible don’t use blogspot but get a web hosting provider and buy a unique domain name for your blog. When you buy a domain name, always remember to buy a name that is an exact match to the keyword that you are targeting on Google. This is one of the most important lessons I learned as an internet marketer. Blogs that have exact match domain names tent to rank easier on Google that others. This is a secret that Google doesn’t want us to know but is common knowledge in the internet marketing circle. A compelling WordPress theme will help in terms of building perception in the minds of your visitors.

3. Create solid blog posts and duplicate your content all over the internet. Use article directories, Squidoo lenses and Hubpages to distribute your content.

4. Become a guest blogger on blogs within your own niche. You will gain a good reputation very quickly by doing this.

5. Create a Facebook Page for your blog. Duplicate your content on Facebook by creating a Facebook Page on your niche or keyword. Invite friends and groups to participate on your page. Sooner or later you will gain a large following if the stuff that you posts are of exceptional quality.

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