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How To Find Important Niche Markets

How many niche markets are just under your nose? The ones that you’ve overlooked? Examine your current customers. Are there any groups that stick out in your mind? Do your advertisements and sales cater to the groups?

Niche markets refer to more than small businesses, nurses, or homeowners. What is a niche market then?

Niche Markets

Individuals in a group that have same interests and needs. Individuals who are looking for your product. Individuals who can do business with you. Individuals that you can easily reach A group that is big enough to do the business that you need. A group that is also small enough not to be noticed by the competition.

When you find niche markets, you will be able to target your sales messages. And yes, the more narrowly you define your market, the easier it is going to be to address the needs within the niche.

How Do You Find Niche Markets? You can start with a list of your current customers. Go deeper. Are there any particular similarities?

There’s another method: listing the benefits of your product or service. So which prospects would benefit most from that list? That will enable you to form a narrow group of individuals. That will be your niche market.

How Do You Reach Niche Markets? You have to get to know them! You have to understand the language of each niche market. Yeah, they may all be speaking English, but they have their own vocabulary and style that only an insider is privy to. You have to get into their group to find out their special needs.

Insiders get the real scoop on things that outsiders never even know exist. When your customers see you as “one of us” you’ll be way ahead of the competition. Loyalty will be easy for your customers since you are the one who understands them.

Let’s face it, marketers are always on the look-out for low-cost ways to boost their sales and profits. They just look for ways to increase the value of their business, and many know that they should go to niche markets.

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