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Everybody Is Somebody On the Internet

In 1899, the Commissioner of the U.S. patent office, Charles H. Duell, put his foot in his mouth when he mistakenly uttered “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Now those were some silly words. If they were true think about what we wouldn’t have today. There would be no computers, cell phones, jet airplanes, big-screen color TVs, antibiotics, iPods and the list is endless.

No inventions after 1899 would have left us in a completely different world and one that would not be nearly as exciting as the one we have now. The creation of such technological gadgets as mentioned above has been dependent on each other for inspiration. The shining examples of this in my mind are the developments leading up to the internet. The internet has allowed people to discover the world and learn much about different cultures and different lands.

The internet has allowed regular people to discover their passions and have shown them they are not alone it what excites them. Now we can discover someone a million miles away sharing our love of something, regardless of what that “something” is. The internet is a platform where everyone, everywhere can say whatever they want on any topic.

There are more outlets available for people to experience the things they love. Life is becoming more specific in many ways. This is largely due to the rapidly changing and advancing powers of technology.

The Internet has made it possible to discover and further explore the things in life that we care about. Growing up during the time that the Internet took off, I feel as though the Internet and my generation have aged together.

People in their 20’s and 30’s have been able to watch the Internet take flight because we were alive before it and now we are alive with it. We have watched how so much that we did offline can be done online. We’ve watched print publications turn to the Web. We’ve seen how we can turn on our computers to do all of our shopping online. We have learned to video chat with friends in different time zones. We can read entire books, buy practically anything, talk to someone across the world, listen to any kind of music, and plan every specific detail of a trip to anywhere we please.

The internet has opened whole new worlds and whole new ways of life for us. It gives everyone a voice. Not unlike Andy Warhol’s saying that everyone can now be famous for 15 minutes because of the new media, now everyone can be someone because of the internet. We can make something all our own. We can write whatever we want on any topic whatsoever. The internet provides a spot for us to jot our thoughts and feelings down and show them to the general internet public or just a few exclusive internet friends. Free speech has never risen to such heights.

Perhaps the best thing the internet does is to make discovery a simple task. We can visit websites to our hearts content and create our own and ask visitors in. The world is more intimate and more manageable because of the internet. Perhaps we humans are not so different from each other as we thought. Someone in Brazil may be listening to the same rap artist online as we are and at the same time. Someone in Nova Scotia may be purchasing the same parka as we did yesterday online. The internet is an effective means of discovering anything anywhere at anytime. The internet has the power to break down barriers between people all around the planet. Distance between peoples and places have become an insignificant and very penetrable wall.

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