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How to Make Fast Money Online – 5 Options

When asking how to make fast money online, you must distinguish between earning money right now and building a business.

Why distinguish making money online right now and building a business?

Because the two are as different as getting a job in the real world and starting a business.

Most people when they ask “how to make fast money online” are wondering how to make money today, or tomorrow. In a nutshell, they want to work and then get paid using the internet.

The good news is that you have many options to make fast money online. The bad news is that you’re essentially trading time for dollars. Okay, trading time for dollars isn’t terrible, and in fact can be reasonably lucrative, but you aren’t building up a business … with one exception. 5 Ways to make fast money online 1. Write articles and blog posts

If you’re getting into internet marketing, then you’ll want to be a writer. It’s not mandatory, but much of internet marketing requires some writing ability (you can use voice recognition software if you like).

The currency of the web is content. Sure, there is video, but the predominant currency is content in the form of the written word. Hence the demand for quality articles and blog posts is HUGE. In fact, the demand is insatiable. There are hundreds of writing services cranking out content for internet marketers and businesses. It’s a booming business. 2. Build websites for small businesses and internet marketers

This too is a booming business. There are still millions of small local businesses who don’t have a website. If you work on your own, can create websites quickly (i.e. use templates), you can generate cash online simply by building small business websites.

Again, you won’t get rich unless you become one of the best web designers on the planet, leverage your web design business, and/or develop a team who cranks out the work. 3. Create videos for businesses

Like articles, businesses need videos. They don’t have to Hollywood quality. Instead, if you can create quality and informative videos that are of decent technical quality, you can develop a decent online cash business. 4. Build backlinks

Do you have some decent backlinking skills? It’s not rocket science. If you’re organized, and are able to build decent and legitimate backlinks for websites, you can hang a shingle quickly. Backlinks are the currency of organic search traffic. Okay, content is key, but backlinks are an important piece of the puzzle.

Many large web marketing companies don’t build backlinks. It’s a niche service that is time-consuming, but can be extremely effective.

All you need to do is develop a few decent backlinking methods and you can help businesses immediately. In fact, if you turn your backlinking activity into an online business, you may generate sufficient income to hire a team who can then do backlinking for your own projects (if you decide to also build your own online business). 5. Virtual assistant

If you have a broad set of internet marketing skills and/or administrative assistant skills, you can hire yourself out as a virtual assistant. The demand for efficient, trustworthy, and capable VAs is high and you can demand a decent hourly rate (or per project rate). In my view, someone who is proficient at a variety of internet marketing tasks, you are a valuable person for any small business. How do you turn trading time for dollars into a business?

Simple, outsource your work. Once you have a steady flow of work, you can hire people to do it. As long as the wages you pay is less than you charge, you’re leveraging your contacts and flow of business; the result is you build an online business. Again, this is not fast money online, but it’s certainly building an online business. Where can you find jobs to make fast money online?

1. Find your own clients and work directly for them. You can locate clients in forums and on blogs that offer writers the opportunities to look for posted jobs. 2. Enlist with an online outsourcing company which connects employers with job-seekers. Examples of these are Elance, Fiverr, and ODesk. 3. There are virtual assistant networks you can join and obtain jobs through the network. 4. If you’re serious about building up a service-for-hire business, then why not start a blog featuring your work. Once your blog attracts visitors, you may be pleasantly surprised how much business you can obtain directly rather than going through a broker style network where some of the profits go to a 3rd party. 5. Craigslist and other classifieds sites can be excellent for landing jobs. 6. Cold calling – this can be effective if you build inexpensive websites or do SEO. Look for local small businesses who don’t have a website or needs an updated website.

Is trading time for dollars worth it?

If you need moeny now, then yes it is. There’s tremendous opportunity online. Although the pay isn’t the best in the world, your overhead is minimal, you can control how many hours you work, you can work at home, and if you like this model, you can hire people to work for you and leverage through employees. Is there another way to make money online?

Absolutely. There are many ways to make money online; however, most are developing a business, which takes time and consistent effort. I prefer the business model, and one online business model that has worked very well for me is building affiliate review websites.

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