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So You Want to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

I love affiliate marketing. I’m an affiliate marketing junkie. It’s one of the best business models available in my view.

Now is the time to learn affiliate marketing… it’s a golden opportunity.

Why is now the time to learn affiliate marketing?

Two reasons:

1. It’s a relatively new business model 2. Yet, it’s been around long enough that there are many products to promote as an affiliate.

You see, it wasn’t too long ago that it was difficult to find affiliate marketing products to promote. Not anymore.

These days there are literally thousands, maybe even millions of products to promote as an affiliate.

Moreover, there is still plenty of opportunity to break into the industry regardless which niche you choose.

Take me for example. One of my favorite pass-times was using WordPress themes to build websites. In fact, I stumbled on WordPress when I needed a website for my offline business.

I built a site and it was a hit. I generated plenty of business for my offline business. I was ecstatic; so much so I started blogging about my favorite WordPress themes.

I simply placed affiliate links directing readers to various theme vendors and started earning commissions. It was and is the perfect business.

I expanded into other niches… promoting products I like and use.

How do you learn affiliate marketing?

By doing it. Yup, you gotta roll up your sleeves and start doing it.

It’s easy finding products to promote, but difficult to find the right products for you to promote. However, start brainstorming about activities and experiences in your life. Consider products you’ve bought, use and like. Voila, you can put together a decent list just from your own experience.

How do you get eyeballs to your affiliate links?

This is a bigger challenge than choosing products to promote. Getting traffic is the 64 million dollar issue. Many people online are scrambling for traffic – they buy it, optimize their sites for search engine traffic, engage in social media, do article marketing, etc.

Sounds easy, but it isn’t.

How do you do affiliate marketing?

Once you know how to generate traffic, you’re pretty much in business. Sure, you’ll need to hone your pre-selling and writing skills somewhat if writing is new to you. However, once you have that precious website traffic, you can test your writing until you generate sales.

A simple way to learn affiliate marketing:

One simple way to generate targeted traffic is optimize your site for the very products people are looking to buy. An effective method for doing this is creating and promoting affiliate review websites.

An affiliate review website reviews products and/or services. You can, and I recommend that you write non-review articles for your site. But the foundation of an affiliate review site is the reviews.

Affiliate review websites can solve the traffic and the conversion issue… as long as your reviews are unique, add value, and are helpful. If you write with those objectives in mind, you’ll do just fine once you get the targeted traffic.

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