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All about SEO services

You need to evaluate your site and your Google Places Listing and the Mobile readiness of your site. These SEO Services are a give away which you need not pay for.

Local business proprietor must be aware that in order to get more clients they need to recognize about Google Local Places search and Mobile search because of two reasons.

1st reason: It’s all in the numbers

Keyword: Property For Sale

Open Search: 91,700,000

Local Search: 449,000

Google Places: 4,300

% less Competition: 2,132,558 %

Keyword: Fishing Equipment

Open Search: 8,440,000

Local Search: 331,000

Google Places: 1,050

% less Competition: 803,809 %

Keyword: Safety Ladders

Open Search: 7,570,000

Local Search:234,000


% less Competition:6,640,350 %


Open Search:67,400,000


Google Places: 1,050

% less Competition: 6,419,047 %

Keyword: Auto repair


Local Search: 355,000

Google Places:5,230


As you can see, there is minimal competition of local keywords for sites or videos, even in a rough market. It is greatly obvious that Local and Google Places searches can be 6.64 million percent fewer competitive. Put in mind that video SEO is great for local businesses too.

Reason 2: The size of the Opportunity Beggars Belief

Eventhough website owners are told to SEO’d their sites, they still didn’t do it. To rank a site, Google is only interested in three important topics: keywords, content and backlinks

Warning – Techo Stuff – SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization) Explained


These must be the words that people search for to locate your business. They must be present in the title tag, heading tag, description tag, in the content and in the site itself (URL). To illustrate how powerful the last one can be, did you know that creditcards.com.au gets higher search results than any bank for the term credit cards? The keyword must be included at least three times in the content so that Google will understand it.


The content needs to add value and interest to the readers. It must not be as pictures but as text. Google can’t understand images.


Are good tools for traffic. It must link you back to your site, to another site, to a video you put in YouTube or to an article you’ve written and distributed online.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. That’s why most websites are not very productive. In fact, it would be better if you just have thousands of brochures printed and have it stored away in a box. Try out our SEO Services.

John GilbertGrant has been in the field of Seo tips for a long time and maintains a website about Seo software where you can have answers to the rest of your questions.

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