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Dominating Niches with affiliate Niche Marketing Strategies

This text will show You how to dominate a niche in the major search engines . Find out about proven niche marketing approaches that You can make use of to dominate Your niche . You can produce multiple Top 10 in google for Your niche keywords and You will “own” the first page of the search results for long-tail niche keywords.

The Search Engines are looking for fresh and unique content and the easiest way to have them find what they look for is article marketing. If You write an article and optimize it for Your main long-tail keyword You are able to get Your article ranking on the in the first 10 results for that term on some article sites, because Google will find unique, relevant content on a domain with high ranking power when it crawls the sites with Your published article on. The second benefit of submitting articles is that You are also going to put backlinks to Your main site into Your articles and get a high relevant backlink with Your main keyword as the anchor text this way. The Backlinking Power of articles can grow in the long run, as webmaster publish Your article on their blog. Many people that run a site are using free articles to get related content for their sites.

Now that You have Your first niche related content ready You can also present it as a video . Almost any content can be presented in video format if You can write an article about the topic. YouTube and Co are among the most popular websites today and will rank high for niche keywords. Making Your Videos Title and Description SEO friendly allows You to put Your Video on the first page of the search results , even for more competetive keywords . While the most obvious benefit of videos is the huge amount of traffic it can receive on the video sites themselves and high initial ranking they receive, You can also gain valuable backlinks from some video sites and other sites that will embedd Your video . I prefer submitting videos that are at least slightly different from each other and use different titles and descriptions. This uniquness can help You to get more than one video listed in the Top Results.

If You have used one of the above methods You will have realized that articles and videos can rank excellent directly after the engines crawled them, but that they usually wont stay there for long. They are passed down the listings over time and will not enable You to dominate a niche long-term. That’s why I am going to show You a strategy to keep these sites on top of the SERPs while generating even more high ranking pages featuring Your content. It’s called Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking is a powerful backlink creation method and can dramatically increase the position in the SERPs of Your sites. By building High PR Backlinks from the high PR Social Bookmarking sites You can help Your videos and articles to “stick” in google instead of dropping over time. Using Social Bookmarking to create a backlink backbone for Your other sites is super important if You are targeting broader niches and can lead to total niche domination in markets with little competition. As a serious internet marketer You should considder an automated bookmark submitter, as the amount of backlinks will decide if Your sites rank well.

Let me introduce You to a method to further increase the effectivness of the internet marketing strategies from above. You can easily get more backlinks and have more people publishing Your content by promoting RSS Feeds. RSS is a standard protocoll that allows webmasters to share their content in a text based format, that allows others to use the content of the feed on their websites. So basically a RSS Feed is not more than a simple text version of Your website. Dont be afraid if You never used a feed. You only need to copy and paste a URL to use them. They will automatically set up for You by most video and article sites. Whenever You see the option to publish a Feed – Do It !

If You have spotted the URL of a Feed with Your content You can submit the feed to RSS Feed Search Engines, Feed Directories and RSS Aggregators. You will get the best results from RSS Aggregators. They will set up an individual page for each submitted feed and display the feed content on it. This creates very good backlinks for Your sites.This way they are giving You valuable backlinks. RSS-Sites that have a high PR also allow to get a direct top 10 listing by having the feed-page or Your RSS-Aggregator Profile showing up on Top of the SERPs. Keep Your Feeds relevant by Pinging them every time new content has been added to add ranking power to RSS Feeds.

By combining these niche marketing approaches You will achieve multiple top 10 rankings in Google for Your main keyword phrases. If You get an article, a video, a social bookmark account and an RSS-Aggregator on the first page together with Your main site then You already own half the listings. Remember that 80% of the internet users will only browse the Top 10 Listings. If You dominate a niche in the SERPs You are able to have almost all traffic for that niche keyword coming to Your site

If You want to discover more about how to Dominate a Niche by using affiliate marketing stratgies YOu can follow the authors Blog on which he will teach You Affiliate Niche Marketing Strategy that really works.

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