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How You Can Make Money From Niche Marketing

If you have spent anytime exploring the ways to make money online, it is probable that you will have heard the term, “niche marketing”. In essence, we are referring to that part of a wider market defined by a group of people with more specialist wants for goods and services that provide us with a business opportunity. A niche in the market can be a relatively untapped and profitable resource as there are more buyers than sellers or, in other words, fewer competitors for your business. We will now look at how to become a niche marketer and establish your own moneymaking online business.

Firstly, your first task is to identify a lucrative niche market and as luck would have it, there are sites that can help you do this very easily. By visiting the Clickbank and Amazon sites, for example, you’ll quickly realize that there are many potential niches you can research. They have made this easier in the way that they have a lot of different categories and you can also oftentimes see what is selling well. You will want to note down several of these products so that you can refer to them when you want to go on to the next phase of your research.

Next, you will be removing those product markets from your list that are extremely competitive by using keyword research. There are numerous keyword tools both free and paid and when starting out, almost all people will use Google’s own keyword tool which is one of the free tools out there. The aim of keyword research is to find the longer keyword phrases that are being looked for by reasonable numbers of people in the search engines. These words have sufficient traffic to make it worthwhile to target them, and ought to have less competition in you niche.

Having picked those longer key phrases with modest numbers of searches every month, you can now go ahead and find those with the least numbers of sites targeting the same phrase. To do this is simple – simply type the term within quotation marks into the Google’s search bar and hit enter. The number of search results that Google produces is an indication of how many web sites out there are using your prospective key phrase. Of course, a profitable niche will be one without a lot of competing websites. An extra advantage of this is that several of these terms can be very specific and as such, you may find people that are ready to purchase rather than those just searching for information.

The crucial initial step of market research is finished and now you can produce a blueprint for your new website based on the keywords you have picked out. A self-hosted WordPress blog has been shown to be particularly effective for this, especially if you can use this on a domain that is a perfect match for your keyword phrase. If you see that an exact match domain is available, this can help you to rank well for the search term although we don’t mean trademark names here but more general buying terms.

As soon as your site is established and getting a good number of visits, you can then begin to monetize your site and generate a steady income from it. Or, you may want to sell it in the future as a profitable business for which there is an existing market.

Before you try any internet marketing online, make sure you visit Emmanuel Azuma’s excellent review of internet marketing programs and keyword research tool. This article, How You Can Make Money From Niche Marketing is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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