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How to pick the right market for your blog

I’m a big fan of diving in and just getting started when it comes to web-design, but at the same time without proper planning most new sites are doomed to failure. The main reason is people forget to assess the competition before entering the market. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right niche.

The concept of a niche can be quite hard to define in an internet context. However for me a niche market is something like “gaming computers under $500” and not “gaming computers”. I suppose it all comes down to the volume of people looking for this subject/keyword.

Another factor that is common to all niches and small markets is the amount of competition, the more potential customers the greater the competition. Working out just how strong the competition is isn’t easy, everything from the number of incoming links to the amount of content they have plays a part. Usually you just have to weigh up as many of the main factors as possible, and even then it’s only an overview.

It’s really important that no matter how big or small the market is that there is some kind of money involved in the sector. By this I mean you should be able to align some kind of purchase to the traffic you’re going to be getting, if your Buy cheap online Provigil site is just about funny videos how do you expect to sell any real advertising?

When I look at the competition in any niche I’m always thinking how I can create something bigger and better than them, there are always weaknesses you can exploit. For example creating a community in the form of a message board is a great way to move ahead of your competitors, plus it gets people coming back to your site again and again which always helps.

As I hope I have explained finding the perfect niche for a new site may be difficult but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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