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The 3 Niche Marketing Fallacies

Like the medical profession, business has taken the route to specialization. General merchandising is a thing of the past as customers look for specific outlets for specific products.

A large volume of transactions is over the internet, and the methodology of internet marketing demands products/services specialization.

However, some wrong assumptions in niche marketing needs reevaluation.

Specialization does not necessarily mean expertise in a particular field.

Everyone says you should only choose a Niche that you are an expert in…nonsense!

In the internet, you can create the perception that you are an authority in a specific field without actually claiming that you are. The trick is to give an impression of expertise. In what way? By outsourcing, acquiring rights, resale, and acting for and in association with other niches. You can take your pick of niches that offer the best promise.

Niche markets should be created one at a time.

Wrong. There is no limit to the number of niche markets that you can have, and in fact it is more advantageous to do so. You can establish several niches under different names as you may deem Buy cheap online Provigil fit.

It is a matter of numbers in the niche market business. An operational niche market can function by itself thereby allowing you to establish another one.

The best way to make money in the niche game is to promote niche products as an affiliate.

Wrong again! Sure, becoming an affiliate and promoting niche products can be very profitable, but if you are doing this, you’re not maximizing your income.

You need to promote your own landing or squeeze page where you collect the e-mail address of the visitor, and then sending him or her to the niche product you are promoting. You should also send out an e-mail course with informative information pertaining to that particular niche market to gain the visitors trust. By giving visitors useful and comprehensive information, you are gaining their trust and confidence and they will soon defer to your recommendations.

Cited above are three of the several wrong assumptions by people in the niche market business. The discussions should give you a better insight and appreciation of the niche market business. The point here is to set up as many niche markets as you can effectively manage, with the proviso that you go only to the next once the first proves to be an earner. Not all niche markets will be a slam dunk, so don’t get discouraged.

Even if one out of ten become really profitable, sit down and smile, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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