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Niche Market Your Business: 3 Absolutes to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Challenging Marketplace

To niche is to survive in a competitive marketplace. The more niched you are, the better off you’ll be, agree industry pundits, accountants, cake decorators and couriers. If you Google the term “niche to survive,” you’ll find businesspeople from all walks of life falling in step with this concept.

What is niching? Maybe it’s better to explain what it is not. Niche marketing is not a free-for-all money grab at whatever potential customers come down the pike. Rather it’s the Provigil online No prescription road less traveled to a profitable destination – a destination you know is right for you. There’s less traffic and confusion and you can better maintain a focus on where you need to go, and what you need to do to get there.

Let’s look at three important things you must know and do to survive and thrive:

1. Be Daring
Becoming an expert in your niche means not being afraid to stand out from the crowd. Let your well-honed knowledge and unique background set you up to be the person people want to ask about your niche product or service. You are in the driver’s seat, ready with whatever advice or help people may need. For example, start a blog on your niche topic that informs and educates readers. Make it easy for them to equate your name and niche with respect and advice. Being the expert implies competence, trustworthiness and creative ideas. Let these qualities lure in customers over the long term.

2. Be a Voracious Learner
As a specialist in a niche market, automatically means having to stay abreast of anything and everything that concerns your niche. Some industries, such as hi-tech move at the speed of light (or so it seems), while others, such as landscaping, appear to crawl along at a snail’s pace. Wherever your niche lies on the change spectrum, your job is to constantly be in the “know.” This means reading, learning and constantly finding the best solutions for the challenges that your niche market faces.

Whatever the field, it’s important to keep up on the challenges of your niche market so you can plan solutions, and not be caught by surprise. News reports, articles and trade magazines are your best friend. Devour them! This is especially true for industries affected by government regulations, which are often subject to change that has the potential to impact business.

3. Be Discerning
An important characteristic of any specialist is the ability to be discerning. To be discerning means, being insightful, making careful judgment and evaluation before taking action. The more you know and understand about your niche market, the better able you are to discern the best course of action for your niche market clients. In today’s marketplace, your clients are faced, almost daily, with an onslaught of new and shiny, gizmos, gadgets, software and more, that claim to solve their every need.

As an industry expert, you have the power to recommend resources. However, realize that everything you advocate to your niche market carries your reputation. If you suggest a program that helps your client, you’re seen as a savior, but endorse something that doesn’t work, and your credibility can suffer, and your “golden child” status can plummet overnight. Once you make a bad referral, your niche market will think twice about taking your advice in the future.

With daring, learning and the ability to be astute, you have the perfect niche tool kit. Use these tools wisely to get rich in your niche!

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