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Niche Research Explained

The nitty gritty reality of making good money online, especially with affiliate marketing, even traffic building techniques is that you must do proper niche research. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of niche research.

Utilizing available resources to maximize the efficiency of niche research is extremely important. The quicker you can get this step done and on to the next the more time you’ll have to focus on more important aspects of setting up niche sites.

Whenever I dive into a new niche I start by either looking for a plr, or affiliate product to promote. When looking for a product to promote, I generally look for a sales page that has good copywrite, and the ability to convert traffic to sales.

Next I compile a list of keywords that I know I’ll be able to dominate in the search engines. This step can be a big time Buy cheap Cialis Online waste if you’re not using the right program. You can do it manually by doing some research on the topic to see which main keywords people are discussing around the niche. Take these keywords into google search. Add in your main keyword, and copy down all of the recommended keywords google has.

Now take all the keywords you’ve acquired and search for them in Google’s Keyword Tool. Make sure you click the Exact button on the left hand side to get the search volume for the specific term. Take a look at the amount of volume for the searches, and see what looks like a good keyword.

Take the keywords that you’re interested in, and type them into Google. Take a look at the top ten results, and look for keywords that you can easily rank for. If you’re seeing articles, web 2.0 sites, and low pr pages in the top 10 it should be very doable.

Using these simpe Niche Research methods, you can easily dominate any Niche. When you’re ready to take your Niche Research to the next step, watch this short Niche Research Exposed Video.

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