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Affiliate marketing is supersaturated?


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25 Responses to “Affiliate marketing is supersaturated?”

  1. 777nolimits says:

    I agree with you Affiliate marketing is alive and well. I love haters, because it means that, while they hate there much time I spend my time making money. If there are more haters, there are more options. Also love your videos you some awesome content

  2. RonMDavies says:

    Now it has done well by me, and it’s cool to see so many useful videos out. I think it’s important that we all work to help them, especially in affiliate marketing. It is a huge market!

  3. RyanCPALeadTutorials says:

    Hey great video to have the content.

  4. kdhbmh77 says:

    Thanks Lisa. I think you’re right on. Some of the sites that have really much to be desired. Keep it up!

  5. Paralyt1c says:

    Great Video!

  6. aopabailey says:

    I just wanted to say that to make money by selling rubber dog shit, if you know what you do but the fact is there are better ways to make money are. Yes, you can become rich and famouse but not likely. The people who have the money in this are the people who sell people on affiliate marketing ….

  7. lisa3876 says:

    @ Reversephonedetec I know nothing about this, but I know I am hundreds of spam comments (Forex, too), where people drop comments on my videos can be obtained. It is so annoying. Is this how they teach their subsidiaries in order to support the program, then I want no part of it. Makes the company look good (even if it is legitimate)

  8. lovage7 says:


  9. shingymac39 says:

    I feel affiliate marketing will never be saturated. I come from an MLM background and so new to affiliate marketing. to do millions of people join affiliate and MLM programs but never have time to promote them. Only 1% of all people, MLM make implementation of a part-time income. I am sure, affiliate marketing is the same. I love your common sense Lisa. Your knowledge is just perfect !!!!!!

  10. scott121359 says:

    Lisa, I love your attitude. I think too many people think, this is a rich overnight thing and if they do not receive them it does not say. This is like any other business, it takes time to establish a presence. You’re insights have helped me tremendously. Thank you for everything you do!

  11. ezroland says:

    I love this video

  12. pe29er says:

    Hi, I have just to squidoo after reading your pdf of the perfect tour guide gestartet.Wäre it possible for you to give me some advice on using Twitter to promote my lenses? Any help would be very geschätzt.Vielen Thanks

  13. myworldonyes says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for your great videos keep up the good work:)

  14. zyberguy360 says:

    (PT2) The way I see it. Over 50 years (if not earlier) done all ONLINE BE. By everything I mean all methods of financial transactions and the exchange of services. Affiliate marketing is a great way to secure your future and a truly independent means of freedom in a co-existing global society. Keep up the good work, Lisa! We need more like you in this field!

  15. zyberguy360 says:

    Great video blog! I learned a year ago. I found your site doing random research, last summer. I was ready to throw in the towel and this video changed my whole perspective. They are so encouraging and REAL! Today I am putting to use skills. I agree with you about affiliate marketing is here to stay.

  16. Lortagreb says:

    Holy shit it is Rochelle

  17. easyhomejob says:

    excellent! GRATE JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ———— I’m glad people know how I close my eyes, put ! I hear on my headset and this video 3 times, it is a word that draws our attention: TUTORIALJA, is to teach the affiliate marketing for other people for the ho can ErfolgSucces is a process, starting deep in your brain, and no one can of there! GRATE JOB LISA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. echosplan says:

    Affiliate marketing is supersaturated? No over 150k people a week to join MLM or affiliate marketing

  19. mateenahmeen says:

    Thanks for the advice.

  20. RuthieTalk says:

    Lisa, I am a big fan you make presentations?

  21. ivtn says:

    I agree, just because someone else didn’t get any money dosent mean someone else have the same problem. Self-discipline and a good mentor is important.

  22. NetBizTutor says:

    I think there is plenty of room for everyone! I agree that each and earn money

  23. moonbolt96 says:

    I stumbled across your videos and have shock and awe of the straight angle that you hit the target question was made. This is what Ive finally for someone who says simply, as is sought. Thanks Lisa. I have only seen a few of your videos and you have some of the “hidden” issues that have prevented me from progressing answered. In looking forward to catching more your videos ASAP.

  24. piperadio says:

    I have a question rather than a comment. If the content is king, then to an RSS feed to your site with serious negative with respect to the original content? I have a site that I try to build a political talk radio show am. I am currently in the process the page with a current news feeds from major news media, but all other material on the News Feeds are oc

  25. wocjane says:

    You know, if all turns out well and perhaps have more success in the futere, tnx again. :)

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