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Niche Duel: Ranked No. 1 On Google And How We Did It! Part 1

www.tyroneshum.com I’m proud to say now with all the continuous efforts from my team, our Buy cheap Cialis Online niche duel website is now ranked at no. 1 for the keyword term we first optimised for. There were so many things we did to achieve this and I want to share all of the steps involved inside this 2 part video. The Tools Mentioned Inside The Video: – SEO Blueprint: www.tyroneshum.com – The Best Spinner: www.tyroneshum.com – Instant Article Factory: www.tyroneshum.com To watch the video on my blog and to leave comments: www.tyroneshum.com To watch part 2 of the video, visit: www.youtube.com

2 Responses to “Niche Duel: Ranked No. 1 On Google And How We Did It! Part 1”

  1. tyroneshum says:

    Hey Medicaster,

    Great question. No it’s not from what I’m aware of it. It works for us so far and I will not worry too much. Until it doesn’t work, then I would change the strategy. It’s definitely helping with ranking our sites higher.


  2. medicaster says:

    Hey Tyrone, I’ve got a question concerning the links form other wordpress and vlogger blogs you mentioned. Isn’t that a violation of the terms of use? I was wondering how sustainable these links are in the end?
    Cheers and keep up the great work!

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