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The Marketing of Madness (2/18)

The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane? Documenting the impact of a multibillion dollar psychiatric-pharmaceutical industry, this powerful and graphic video contains interviews with experts, parents and victims. Dramatic recordings of actual 911 calls made by desperate family members—and even by a killer himself—convey the chilling reality behind today’s headlines. Here is the shocking truth underlying the current wave of violence devastating our homes, schools and communities. This is the story of the high-income partnership between drug companies and psychiatry which has created an billion profit from the peddling of psychotropic drugs to an unsuspecting public. But appearances are deceiving. How valid are psychiatrist’s diagnoses—and how safe are their drugs? Digging deep beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that Provigil pharmacy conceal a dangerous and often deadly sales campaign. Psychiatrists tell us that the way to fix unwanted behavior is by altering brain chemistry with a pill. But unlike a mainstream medical drug like insulin, psychotropic medications have no measurable target illness to correct, and can upset the very delicate balance of chemical processes the body needs to run smoothly. Nevertheless, psychiatrists and drug companies have used these drugs to create a huge and lucrative market niche. And they’ve done this by naming more and more unwanted behaviors as “medical

6 Responses to “The Marketing of Madness (2/18)”

  1. MastaMusical says:

    @thalespaco2005 Yes, i wish i could be an activist, but there is no chapter in my region. I have a very good iddea of the concept and the movement. I’m discussing it with people, and i’m all for it. BTW i just watched the movie ¨Collapse¨, WOW very informative and well organized but it get me angry because of 99% of the people i see ignore or denies the problem. But yeah, i just can’t wait tomorrow for ¨Moving Forward¨ =)

  2. thalespaco2005 says:

    @MastaMusical Thank you very much…….Do you Know anything about the zeitgeist movement?

  3. MastaMusical says:

    @thalespaco2005 Im with you!!! Now every difference is a problem…. I Hate psychology it is not even an accurate science wich manipulate the information to say you have a mental disease, you are not intelligent enough, you need medication ect… They need to get out of the society that’s what they need, our current society is creating all these problems… I actually wonder how people can resist suicide in such pression comming from everywhere…

  4. jaiBavet says:

    @sebastiano1984 i take it u go to school? Yea im a pyschology professor and the U of WI. NOT BULLSHIT!

  5. sebastiano1984 says:

    This is the biggest suit of lies i’ve ever seen, Pure junk

  6. thalespaco2005 says:

    In this system, we have to create problem to create profit..

    We are living in a world where scarcity and fear is the controllers of our lives, we have crime, wars, corruption, greed, theft, poverty, homelessness, and elitism. It’s Time for us to Move forward pass the outdated system of enslavement. Whether you are comfortable where your at or not, We as a whole must change for the better of our children’s future, and our grandchildren’s future. The Zeitgeist Movement.

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