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7 Skies – Caffeine (Original Mix)

Released on Anjunabeats 15th Feb 2010! Released on Anjunabeats 15th Feb 2010 Together with French producer Static Blue, David 7 Skies Boldini formed a formidable partnership, turning out stunning works such as the elevating synth euphorics of Central Park and of course the unstoppable peak-time colossus that was their 2008 rework of Volume One. Sadly that alliance has come to an end but 2010 sees the Italian carving out his own niche and a debut solo release on Anjunabeats with Caffeine. Delivering a powerful chorus that soars effortlessly skywards, teardrop pianos and lingering vocal effects complete the make-up of this moving and uplifting trancer. Stopping by Buy cheap Accutane Online for the remix is Genix, which sees Caffeine plunging into progressive territory with a satisfyingly buzzy bassline as its weapon of choice. itunes.apple.com www.beatport.com www.audiojelly.com www.junodownload.com www.trackitdown.net
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25 Responses to “7 Skies – Caffeine (Original Mix)”

  1. trancemaster92 says:

    most buitiful song

  2. babydcac says:

    PARTY ON!!! m/

  3. leonardzen says:

    @Lethys1 word…

  4. Lethys1 says:

    Justin Bieber

  5. Classmeister says:

    Tune of the year in 2010

  6. scilabo says:

    @gabriellaiseenezel what??????????????

  7. unicornorb says:

    go caffiene!! —-: )

  8. rcflite says:

    The dislike was from a person too high on caffeine

  9. tashibb says:

    @leonardzen srsly

  10. leonardzen says:

    The only dislike here comes possibly from someone that hates coffee. 😛

  11. gabriellaiseenezel says:


    watch the language little boy, there might be females present

  12. ariabart says:

    I really liked it

  13. scilabo says:

    this should be followed up by “ESPRESSO”

  14. scilabo says:

    @Dwafiz It’s a reference to the like versus dislike ratio as of Dec. 4

  15. pandaonabike says:

    who the fuck disliked this, its awesome!

  16. Dwafiz says:

    @asdzxc500 You do realize that your comment is completely incoherent, right?

  17. asdzxc500 says:

    why do you buy something cool DJ Equipment achieve using a gaming machine for the OMFG GAY

  18. Dwafiz says:

    321/0 as of December 4th (wow)

  19. lethyxmusic says:


  20. montezuma1989 says:


  21. vicb0t says:

    love this guy

  22. Lethys1 says:

    301/0 as of 18/11/2010

  23. Blademasterxx says:

    I love caffeine!

  24. traceypyper27 says:

    lovin it!

  25. DJBunnyStar says:

    @nschwaby XD

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