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Madhatter – overheating (Excite Bike Music Video)

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PBC Productions and Scrub Club Records present ‘overheating’ Mad Hatter’s Hip-Hop Tribute to the NES game Excitebike. Dozens of geeks gathered to run the video to MAGFest, video and computer games festival by fans, for fans to shoot. was the “excitement biker ‘, Matthew Mahoney, is a veteran, THON, both for its ability to Bust a Move, and his innate lack of fear elected. The video internet video game celebrities James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), Stuttering Craig (ScrewAttack.com) A_Rival (Wave Theory), Devon Riley (Captain S), Bobby Bokista (virtual fools) and others. A huge thank you to all fans and friends who showed up to the shooting. You are the best. Big shout out to Brenden and MAGFest – for throwing the thickest video game party on the east coast each year. – and also for helping to make happen this Video ‘overheating’ is one of eleven titles on the Nintendo-inspired rap MadHatter album, 8-Bit Bullshit . www.scrubclubrecords.com Hatter’s website describes the album as “11 tracks full of nonstop Nintendo memories of your head to bob.” The video was shot, cut and designed by PBC Productions Member Chad Williams, who was really inspired by Hatter’s music. He remarked: “. Nerdcore is a niche within a niche, but great albums such as 8-Bit Bullshit transcend the boundaries of the genre” This video is the first collaboration between Scrub Club Records and PBC Productions.

25 Responses to “Madhatter – overheating (Excite Bike Music Video)”

  1. Evilryu3333 says:

    this wuz awlsome

  2. SuperWarioBrothers says:

    above this, I love the theme Excite Bike

  3. babybuda92 says:

    dats a sick jacket. wonder where he has her, or what brand is dat

  4. vessanhenki says:

    Cool vid + = epic AVGN Photobombing * thumbs up *

  5. ralphflyboy0 says:

    holy cow Craig and exicite Biker humping. EPIC 01:10

  6. DaOnlyLartsch says:

    AVGN is in THA HOUSE! : D: DNur they were one again! ^ ^ AWESOME!

  7. Clintondmb says:

    is that the Stig’s cousin riding a motorcycle?

  8. jediKnightreviews says:

    this song pumps me up

  9. hippestnintendude says:

    just found the power glove … niiiice! :)

  10. jediKnightreviews says:

    It was covered for the SGC meeting, the anime video games, costumes, what

  11. ClassicGameMusic says:

    Wow! Mad respect 4 the tribute video.

  12. BushidoMH says:

    This is the coolest thing in the recent history of nerds did. Love it.

  13. theshredder39 says:

    meh, it’s still unusual in a way

  14. fonevv says:

    not really

  15. theshredder39 says:

    Does anyone else find it amusing that someone wearing a Wonder Woman costume during a music video for an NES game?

  16. silentsmokey says:

    added to my favorate … but I must say …. That back ground hooks must-total of the song! not just every 45 seconds after the choir … , Playing the theme song in your entire fucking song! Only then will I RECOMMEND record deal!

  17. JoelH790 says:

    The Nerd, Captain S, Stuttering Craig, Wonder Woman, Excite Bike people. Who’s next?

  18. youdoxie says:

    Can not argue with that.

  19. JZC1195 says:

    first comment in a month!

  20. kcjuggaloryda913 says:

    Scrub Club Documents 4life ………. Fuck m.w.s.h.

  21. kcjuggaloryda913 says:

    Shit is dope.

  22. EmilyCunnilinguA says:


  23. TheBiz182 says:

    Wow … Epic grinding with Stuttering Craig at 1:09

  24. goldenmulti says:

    omg her I looked at him: D hes awesome

  25. Brandietuyhgt says:

    lululuving this sound! good shit, it was for my cell ComplimentaryRinger. Com I cannot deny jam!

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