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Bassline Tutorial Day 2 Pt 1: Making a Sweet Bass Synth [7 Day Song]

www.boyinaband.com – head over to my website to see the text version of the tutorial, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! And http for the forum (Shocking, Buy cheap online Provigil right?) In Day 2 of the 7 day song Bassline Tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how to make a sweet Bassline Bass synth and a ridiculously complicated Sub Bass to make the bass line for the song.
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18 Responses to “Bassline Tutorial Day 2 Pt 1: Making a Sweet Bass Synth [7 Day Song]”

  1. LeonGibson says:


    Ok do everything he says.
    1 open combinator, rename it etc.
    2open synthisizer.
    3then skip to 5.15 and put the notes into the thor synthisizer.
    go back to where you left the video when he he put the notes in, and continue edditing the sounds :). good luck

  2. mosschops1982 says:

    @LeonGibson im stuck on this aswell im watching this as im a newbe and its just not explaned did you work it out please i need help

  3. LeonGibson says:


    Do what he says at the begining of the video, open the combinator, rename it – open the symthisizer. Then skip the video to 5.15 when he talks about notes. clik the thor in your bottom menu and penicl it out to make some notes. Then do the notwes he does. then watch the video from the start, and you will have the sounds he is producing.

  4. LeonGibson says:

    How have you got the compressor there with Da Drummz, which we made on the last video?

  5. LeonGibson says:

    I dont get it. u have music in yours but i start with nothing. i dont know wtf im doing lol

  6. viktorcrabeels says:

    if you put the fm pair osc a octave down and put the mod to 3 it sounds a lot more evil

  7. booshpower says:

    lol bassline’s dead now anyway

  8. MotionMenace2 says:

    @snicx23 i think its for the tutorial, since there is menny people watching and i bet some dont know you have to int it first

  9. snicx23 says:

    @snicx23 lol i wrote god…got 😀

  10. snicx23 says:

    to Dave: Everytime you create an thor or something you click “init”
    ..there is an option in the settings where you can define that instruments open “initialisiert”( god the german version 😉 )

  11. djjawz42 says:

    @djjawz42 sorry part 3 lol

  12. apcreed says:

    This is totally sick. nice one braahhh

  13. djjawz42 says:

    whreooeroeroer ……. cant wait for part 2 😀

  14. zackspoz says:

    looks like you failed again 😛

  15. YouGotPwnd says:

    you need to make these video responses to the previous ones

  16. Lunchsacks says:

    hahaha FTL

  17. RockerDuk says:


  18. Randomstation says:

    First (sorry i never have been before)

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