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Bassline Tutorial Day 7 Pt 2: The final song [7 Day Song]

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grave of this song on … iTunes: bit.ly Amazon amzn.to www.boyinaband.com – head on my website to see the text version of the manual, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! And (true Shocking, no?) HTTP for the forum I hope you enjoy this Reason 4 Tutorial!

25 Responses to “Bassline Tutorial Day 7 Pt 2: The final song [7 Day Song]”

  1. blingX19 says:

    Good tips but terrible tune lol

  2. bongmong99 says:

    hahaha made me laugh, bass line is corny as fuck. easy to make but.

  3. weepromotions says:

    even the mouse is dancing lol

  4. DubstepHits says:

    @ TheoriginalHRDKVR practicallt theyre both the same speed rear garage is the “old name” and “Bass Line” is the new name I prefer “Speed Garage”

  5. S6jrprods says:

    I like everythin bout it part of your snare / clap must be something more to him one more sound in my opinion anyway phate hlla jus would like to return to this sowiesohalten in the next drop, the good work;)

  6. ZackBMusic says:

    take away the lyrics and that would be epic!

  7. CardPiranha says:

    LOL the lyrics. ROFLMAO

  8. butters369 says:

    BBK BIAB I live!

  9. MubangaDNB says:

    @ Jbluvdub the Bass Line?

  10. splitin says:

    BoyBetterKnow I’m in a band of Boy LOLOLOLOL !!!!!

  11. theoriginalHRDKVR says:

    this is not bass line, a aight in the speed garage?

  12. UKTuTS says:

    I like I like rap beats every day …. Can not wait until the shit is dying from the charts and some real music comes in as bass line or drum & bass!

  13. TammyOvStg says:

    lol I’m not a professional, even though as a producer for 6 years may not aslong as you mean but ii do not really sound like a total dick lol, but these could become bass is easier without the eq it, it could lead to high levels for you up afew of the waveforms and the octaves in subtractor and would get the same results LOL nice work if the person I like the vocal work

  14. RachelBaan says:

    D: haa I have downloaded this car for Gracey

  15. jbluvdub says:

    Could someone explain to me what “Bass Line” another genre? It does not sound like something I did not hear sound on the Disney Channel before.

  16. blsbutcha says:

    yeh man just made u sound Old Skool, you should seriously question in a scene, think, unless u already are! Cheers for the vid keep, M8 the good work. PS I think you’re the only person who can get away with saying in the way, hello you lol

  17. CorruptCapital says:

    yo man love this tutorial I mainly coz of the design of these titles they are looking to help me with various synthesizers I improvise usually struggle with the arrangement of a track, but you literally have me like o yer so simple to be haha think it’s really like psytrance track though:) You sick toooooooooooooo

  18. Elchubritzio says:

    What can I say? Yo man! Check out my SoundCloud if ya, mate imagination Dubstep Some might like it you! =]

  19. ProdMRI says:

    lol I love this so funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kaoji says:

    @ Wwwboyinabandcom hahahaha

  21. a23673910 says:

    hahaha dance LOLRAVE mouse mouse!

  22. murklevidz123 says:

    mouse romp is the best piece

  23. booshpower says:

    They should be beat the vocals that add extra bass line Kitsch: p

  24. CruiserzProductions says:

    I like the dirty bass line is not the Big Ang type. It is very well anyway check my tune in your video Antwort.5 *

  25. demesh6 says:

    This record was made with?

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