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Online Communities Change the World – marketing and consumer information

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www.globalchange.com impact of YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor and other online communities. Why traditional ad agencies can not respond. Power of community opinion. New marketing models. Why online communities are more than the official sites or information trusted sources. Web 2.0. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon.
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4 Responses to “Online Communities Change the World – marketing and consumer information”

  1. sd8c says:

    Great view of the current marketing MediumDas is the truth

  2. pjvdixon says:

    Thank you – I respond to things here. If you want to contact me go with global change dot com. More videos of me in this issue Subscribe to my next videos – press the orange button at the top right. Even if you click Favorites (red heart) immediately below video, help other people find this video and enjoy it too. PLEASE comment …. I try to answer most of the comments, but sometimes with 10 million different visitors to my site it takes a while. Patrick Dixon

  3. Nkatsikanis says:

    Yes, very clever, I find that I see a member of different strains Clock, Check my favorites, which ones I have in me!

  4. talk74 says:

    I tried to respond to your message, but YouTube tells me that your account is set up, just e-mail received from “friends”!

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