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Zetros 6×6, six tires for uneven terrain | Made in Germany

Zetros 6 x 6 a mega-trucks: 360 hp, 16 tons of payload and hip-high tires. It comes from Daimler and promises to be a very profitable niche product. It can be used in extremely difficult terrain. For example, in northern Lapland, with its for the construction of power lines.A Zetros cost at least 110,000 € used, but this is cheaper than transporting raw materials and equipment by helicopter, which is the only other realistic alternative. The Zetros 6×6 was designed in Daimler’s development center and assembled in the world’s largest truck plant in Wörth. Be as basic platform, then built adapted to the needs of their customers. It is also sold as a military vehicle, for example. MADE IN GERMANY reporter Karl Harenbrock Zetros saw in action in Finland and also attended the Daimler Provigil pharmacy plant in Wörth. His visit included the R & D department, usually off limits to journalists, where he worked with the engineers who spoke at the special vehicles work. At the test site, the monsters have to deal with trucks on grades up to 80 percent. If such vehicles profitable for the manufacturer, or are they expensive prestige projects? MADE IN GERMANY went to find out.

3 Responses to “Zetros 6×6, six tires for uneven terrain | Made in Germany”

  1. bearheart808 says:

    WOW Mercedes. what is a new animal it ……

  2. onionman113 says:

    @ Onionman113 and this truck seems very beast

  3. onionman113 says:

    Mercedes are nice, but the cars are crappy (my opinion), but they are much better than any Steyr

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