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Add audio files to your iPhone or iTouch

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www.KrishnaDe.com and www.Facebook.com As a member of the Marketing Mentor community on Facebook, when clicked again “how” and joined the community, you may 5 free audio tutorials on Personal Branding, Business Blogging access , Find your niche, creating information products and building your personal brand online. But how do you then these audio files on your iPhone or iTouch to hear? Of course you could just download the audio’s – remember them from the “Members Only” tab to download the page: www.Facebook.com You can then burn the audio’s on your hard disk or on CD or add them all other digital media player to use. In this video I show you, however, as the audio files on your iPhone or iTouch to add to your iTunes account. I do this for the teleseminars I want to hear or even online video friends I want to see. I hope you enjoy access to the tutorials – let me know if you have questions about any of the issues. And let me know how to share the tips I put into action will not you – with me at www.Facebook.com Ifyou found this video helpful to remember Krishna online to connect: www.BizGrowthNews.com where they shares case studies and resources to help you in implementing social media in your marketing and communications programs, http, include where your free ezine, which tips and resources you your visibility, reputation and profits help online and offline www.facebook. com can register. ..
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