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A day in the life of an owner PXS

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pretty niche, but just for fun, for Part II, you must head on vimeo.com
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25 Responses to “A day in the life of an owner PXS”

  1. andrewpaulallen says:

    Fantastic and so true!

  2. lewisg3000 says:

    I hope, see the moon

  3. defunnell says:

    @ Zub7 you for your comments;) all my videos on YouTube have been together in Movie Maker on MacBook Pro with cobblestones.

  4. zub7 says:

    ahahaaha this is too funny because its just too true: (I was in GKP and I got out in PXS, come what was a mistake that BTW May I ask what program you use to your subtitles ..

  5. basitb3g says:

    hahahaha nice video. i dont think PXS but great fun video:) good luck for the PPL and keep hope one day pay off:)

  6. sibya says:

    spot on. I sold at 0.7p when my stop-loss ….. a very short time later flew (I have at 1p )….. I missed a hit with GKP …. oh well …. still up from 9 5

  7. HillsideFirstSchool says:


  8. Induna123 says:

    Untergang.Es are many other parodies ruin, type in the search box.

  9. HillsideFirstSchool says:

    Brilliant. Gemacht.Bitte well can you tell me what film you used?

  10. ruud76 says:

    Absolutely priceless. “It’s like RBS all over again” … almost fell off the chair when I saw this.

  11. clearseaz says:

    Brilliant, I bought at PXS at 9p after the fall of 22p. I can certainly relate this to my GCM Holding, but fun.

  12. che1268Wai says:

    Lmao! Brilliant! I had a chance to at 22p! I was sold doh in GKP for 74P and 79P! Come RNA lol!

  13. hfc619 says:


  14. boogaloo80 says:

    Say NO to the swine flu vaccine.

  15. zeuthuk says:

    Fantastic stuff, comic genius, it must have been created by GKP holder.

  16. Ospreysrich says:

    Superb. All those PXS shareholders must see. “Should have stayed in GKP.” Love it.

  17. TheLyther says:

    Trial fail.

  18. manutdman11 says:

    WTF is he? : S tomatoes and random symbol: S

  19. BSJWright says:

    Very well, I have not laughed that hard in ages – although FML had to be!

  20. livewarp says:

    You must have shares in ths weep with laughter. The fruit is larger than flow! could get the best advertising PXS. Youtube the new ramp / de-ramp tool. Advertising agencies, you are right now? Mr Moon you listening?

  21. davejsy1 says:

    PXS ha, or eel HAWK been trying!

  22. basitb3g says:

    very funny, I have to stay. the way it was done was brilliant. great work. Good luck with the RNA. LOL.

  23. djkamal87 says:

    LOL awesome! vid on par with the original Xbox!

  24. asstezz says:

    absolute genius :-)), I have just bought today, they hunt more in shorter loops

  25. soulofwigan says:

    great clip, which will help us suffering shareholders lol .. 5 stars

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