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You Can Succeed With Article Marketing In 3 Simple Steps!

If You are doing Article marketing or plan on doing article marketing. The resource box also known as the authors box is very important. This is the only place you can sell yourself and your site. Which will mean more visitors and more success.

What is a Resource Box or Author Box? It is the most important real estate of the article body. You just worked real hard on getting good content out on the web, you need to sell your clicks now. The Resource Box is the place to do just that. The resource box give you the opportunity to call your readers to take action. The major problem Article Marketers have is that the resource box doesn’t sell clicks.

Many people have been told just to deliver good content, and the traffic will come. How does the traffic come? People click through the resource box. So if you have more then 20 articles out there and you are getting light traffic or no traffic look to your resource box for clues.

Speak to your readers in terms that they can understand, keeping in the same tone as the article they just finished. You have to make them curious for more information. You have to sell the click while you have them wanting more.

1. The lead In Phase. In this phase we lead them from the article right into the resource box.You want a smooth transition, they just learned something so do not get a full of sales hype. You will turn them off. So be careful here.

2. In this step you need to tell them exactly whats in it for them. This is the benefit section of the resource box. What will you give them if they click your link? This is all they care about at this point in time.

3. Call To Action. You need to tell them what to do next.

Let me set up an example:

Lead In Phase:

You can say something like “Need Help With…” Or “You can be successful with…” Or “Confused About…”

So once we have the lead in Phase we need to state a benefit.

Benefit Statement:

Here are some ideas:

You need to think what are the benefits of your product and just fill in the blanks. Here are some starters. “Save Money and Time” “Live till 101 with the body of a 30 year old…” “Find your soul mate” “Earn Money” So zero in on what your product benefits are, not what the product does but how does it make the client feel.

This is where we lead them to click on our link. We just keep it simple with the Go to…. your site here. For more information Visit….As long as you guide them on what to do next they will follow.

You can also use a trigger phrase like “To end all your back problems go to…” “To get the best rest you had in 20 years visit…”

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