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Drag Racing @ Tepnakorn Motor Sports Complex

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drag racing is a popular, if niche motorsport drag all over the world, the noise, smoke, style and Razzmatazz of the events in thousands of fans, and Thailand attended this genre is supposedly popular and good, so its time to check out this scene. There are two 1 / 4 mile strip near Bangkok, and one that Tepnakorn Motor Sports Complex is a modern, purpose-built track located right on Rama II Highway about 50 miles outside the city during the long trip down to Samut Songkram. Events in the run Tepnakorn Motor Sports Complex every Saturday evening with the practice from the date of the action winds up to a climax in the early hours of Sunday. Surprisingly, the track is quite easy to find, and shown the way to the finish Rama II highway suddenly looms large on the right side after a lack of landmarks on Google Maps. It is a sea of headlights, a sprawling parking lot, knocking sounds and a huge, illuminated sign to miss an angle close to the road. If only every destination in Thailand, was found as easily. It is almost 23.00 clock as we arrive, and there is a healthy amount of running around and the car park by vehicles of all shapes and sizes packed. The action is obviously to go to 02.00 clock. It seems a rather large mix of ‘drag’ cars pressures of the 1 / 4 mile strip, and are in action at this time heated street-legal cars, including – more and more popular here – Honda Jazz and Civic and the Toyota Yaris and . ..

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