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Audi A5 Sportback review

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issue.imotormag.co.uk Here’s iMOTOR’s full video review of the niche-busting Audi A5 Sportback.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Audi A5 Sportback review”

  1. musicismylife263 says:

    your so lame its hilarious

  2. martijnremmelzwaal says:


  3. Waffleater1 says:

    @ThrashMSlayer That’s why MY dad bought it a year ago! 😀

  4. ThrashMSlayer says:

    @Waffleater1 LOL that`s why my father bought this car, you are RIGHT! 😀

  5. motocross363 says:

    Your an ass hole

  6. YesIAmThatCoolBitch says:

    No it does not.

  7. Waffleater1 says:

    Pretty simple who this car is for:
    1) You don’t want an A4 cause it looks boring
    2) You want an A5 because it looks awesome
    3) You have 2 tall children and want to carry luggage to trips in the mountains
    Therefore: A5 Sportback!

  8. quatlen says:

    The new CLS is a much better looking car in my opinion.

  9. xoxogirl789 says:

    audi A5<3

  10. xoxogirl789 says:

    my dream carrrr<3

  11. GROF034 says:

    @zhwan08 Do you have any video of your A8 ?? Is it a 4.2 fsi ?
    Its a really great car . Post some vids please . Cheers

  12. FrietjeM says:

    Shut up you faggot!! This is à freaking Nice car !!!

  13. Demineralize says:

    This host is a dickhead.. he looks like a Gay BMW driver..

  14. tauheke says:

    My 1990 Volvo 240GL wagon@700k would leave this car for dead… I wish lol.

  15. tauheke says:

    @zhwan08… and one for me too lol.

  16. tkcwu says:

    its still uglier than the e92.

  17. AudiABTr8 says:

    The difference between this and the A4 Avant is that my picky eye likes the way it looks.

  18. zhwan08 says:

    I am buying this for myself and its delivering to my house on the 13th of December as I have ordered with options. Though, I think my A8 2010 is better but I have a cousin (really close) she just passed her driving license and I am buying it for her.

  19. bighands69 says:


    I do not believe that it looks better than the CLS. but it is a beautiful car.

    It is an affordable luxury car.

  20. machoshadow says:

    @6UNLEASHED A7 has not been released yet this is the a5

  21. EliteSlayer542 says:

    @6UNLEASHED Not really, the A7 is much more luxurious the A5 sportback as well as having considerably more interior room and more powerful engines.

    Saying that the main difference between an A5 sportback and an A7 is size, is like saying the only difference between an A4 and an A6 is size.

  22. 6UNLEASHED says:

    @EliteSlayer542 The CC is a 4 coupe version of the Passat, actually, people call it the Passat CC!

    My only question was, the difference between the A5 sportback and the A7? coupe version yes, of the A7, alittle more interior room, ok….but i believe thats where it ends.

  23. EliteSlayer542 says:

    @6UNLEASHED I personally don’t see the problem here. The A7 is just a bigger and more luxurious version of the A5 sportback.

    The same way the A6 is a bigger and more luxurious version of the A4. I don’t see how the pasat cc fits into this, its in a lower class.

    In fact, the A7 is practically a 4 door coupe version of the A8.

  24. 6UNLEASHED says:

    @EliteSlayer542 This is where it might get hairy for Audi, introducing models that “look” the same, just .6 inches more or rear leg room isnt worth thousands. The A5 is the best strike Audi could have thrown at the Euro-Jap Coupe segment, i think they might take it a step further by introducing an A5 “sportback?” and the A7 (If anybody does a bit of research, the VW CC is sure to please even the hardest of critics) All and all, Audi is giving buyers a choice… maybe a confusing choice?

  25. EliteSlayer542 says:

    @6UNLEASHED No. It looks like the A7 but if you do a bit of research you’ll see that the A7 is a VERY different car especially on the inside. The a7 is also way more expensive.

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