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Apologize Cover Live by Boyce Avenue

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25 Responses to “Apologize Cover Live by Boyce Avenue”

  1. TheoBrixtonTheKid says:

    @ Narutoo225 Only Daniel has … Alejandro and Fabian went to UF

  2. KeyString7 says:

    that the end of the line was sexy.

  3. narutoo225 says:

    WTF?! Alejandro and Daniel both went to Harvard !?!?!?!?!

  4. IanMitchProductions says:

    @ XXxanderXX completed for the record, Daniel, of Harvard. only say

  5. XXxanderXX says:

    they ask whether this is legal, it is natural! for your informatin, the singer (Alejandro Manzano) studied law at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, its common for him to know whether what they were doing the copyright of the song is exceeded, so dont hate, just appreciate the song!

  6. flatblackstrat says:

    @ Gibsonsg650 Or make money. You need the consent of the artist, stick to it or sell it on an album to have on Itunes.

  7. gibsonsg650 says:

    yes its legal … only as long as they take credit for writing the songs or benefit from it as if she wrote it dont …

  8. Lipsor says:

    I think the legal as long as you got the celebrity real mission of the band.

  9. tjoudega says:

    You really want to cover, is illegal? : P

  10. sjsolari says:

    is this legal … good, but legal?

  11. jerseycyclones says:

    dont be a hater

  12. sethcachinchavez says:

    i <3 Boyce Avenue. wud do us again soon.

  13. qsiu1986 says:

    She was the best, they are the best and you gonna by the BEST !!!!!!!!!!

  14. gibsonlespaul2006 says:

    Jealousy is a bitch is not it

  15. philboy521 says:

    so seriously … her career has been all about cover.

  16. elementbeaver says:

    They have a lot of their own songs, which are very good. They do just happen to excellent cover.

  17. boardsnow44 says:

    How did these guys get famous singing other people’s music

  18. CABerkeley says:

    come to Sweden!

  19. noneactive says:

    The singer has a great voice.

  20. rashawn770 says:

    ! STEPHEN <= '(* cry *

  21. jebacskejtow says:

    I love you. <3

  22. lyh886 says:

    better than OneRepublic

  23. bigdietmarty says:

    irelannddd come!

  24. mistergolfhole says:

    Savage! Please come to Ireland !!!!!

  25. aaron19038 says:

    the acoustic guitar on the left side is pretty good

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