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Subaru Legacy Car Review – Kelley Blue Book Review

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Videos & Comments CHECK OUT Subaru Legacy’s www.kbb.com, the appeal was now once largely confined to a small car niche, often by limiting the banks of the freshly fallen snow Vermont. As the years passed, these in more temperate climates have also come to appreciate the sure-footedness of all-wheel drive. Continuing its march into the mainstream, the latest generation Subaru Legacy offers sporty looks and improved security, a high-quality interior and yes, all-wheel-drive. While many of the attributes to take on Legacy’s unchanged, is a remarkable difference in the absence of a wagon body style. Wagon Fans be sure – the combination with the Subaru Outback, where the name Buy cheap online Provigil exclusively for Subaru’s Legacy midsize sedan. Other new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit kbb.com today.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Subaru Legacy Car Review – Kelley Blue Book Review”

  1. johnt20 says:

    I have a 99 Subaru Legacy and it’s amazing. I love it.

  2. JoannaWentzell752 says:

    This is still available on: download blinks. info

  3. josequinto17 says:

    @ Leikela831 an EVO is better than a WRX, you should try to get an Evo X

  4. Leikela831 says:

    My friend has the 09 ‘Subaru WRX hatchback model and I had a terrible car in the world, a 99 “VW New Beetle (BARF!) the car made me so damn bad! Anyway, I’ve always wanted a Subaru, since I was in my friend’s WRX SA I get the 98 ‘Legacy GT wagon, I can not wait … Yay, my first Subie

  5. TheEve30 says:

    I like the Subaru Legacy so much, my sister-in-law, and I have many times gone nice car!

  6. robuzy says:

    obtained in the process, a EEEEE ^. ^

  7. johnsenkenn says:

    My guess is that the Subaru is good quality, it is well put together and very reliable, do not agree, no one.

  8. allforacdc says:

    @ Chinchillawrangler gasoline confronted here fuck anus.

  9. akabane1984 says:

    Let me guess. Outback or GT-> 2.5L, right? Those older 2.5Ls are the only ones who suffered the serious head gasket issues.

  10. akabane1984 says:

    1-Subaru Diesel net almost the same or more mpgs than VW / Audi diesel is so in its Kategorie.2-Subarus are many out there (gas / petrol) is always 30 + mpg. Anyone can be good gas mileage, if they have feet, feathers, genius.

  11. akabane1984 says:

    Holy shit, hate much? 1-Today’s Subarus are AWD, 4wd NOT first-aus.2 They are known for good handling. You do not know what the hell kind of drive Subarus, but I had a 1997 Legacy a while back and it took corners, as they are gemacht.3-only thirsty with a lead foot. I have 30 + mpg daily about my legacy. Boxers are actually pretty efficient when it comes to the supply of power / TQ kommt.4-expensive? I do not think so. Not only are they inexpensive, they are also easy to maintain.

  12. chinchillawrangler says:

    @ Dilawer321 Just make sure you knew that you were “wanker”

  13. dilawer321 says:

    @ Chinchillawrangler most informative comment I’ve ever had thumbs up

  14. chinchillawrangler says:

    @ Dilawer321 gasoline? we call it here, gas buddy

  15. Pookatube says:

    Love (d) my Subaru … noiw but have to part with it because of two words .. Cylinder head gasket!

  16. call4myduty says:

    look @ Dilawer321ohhhh really I have a legacy, it is 31mpg and raped a GTI and my heritage camp so suck my dick and go or stay in England with ur piece of shit car

  17. dilawer321 says:

    @ Call4myduty good shit stain you said you never said gasoline fuel efficient 4wd 4wd you fuckin idiot, and even if the diesel does 55mpg (which I very much doubt) it is known to have shit performance, even an Audi Q7 V12 TDI can do with 500bhp 25 mpg and that is a legacy of rape. Anyway, when you talk about gasoline only turned the Golf R with 270bhp can get 30mpg and that’s better than a legacy 150bhp petrol. So kiss my nuts

  18. call4myduty says:

    @ Dilawer321Oh God your a funny man, first u say u fart DIESAL vagina. The heir can DIESAL 55 + mpg.look it and talk shit.

  19. dilawer321 says:

    @ Call4myduty economical 4WD is made by Subaru? BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, face fuck and are its Golf TDI Audi TDI that can manage up to 50mpg and the BMW X3 2.0d can be up to 45 + mpg, talking about what the hell do you get? a Subaru barely manage 25 + mpg and talking about the most fuel-efficient ones, you are on crack by chance? or have seen too many subaru commercials? lmao

  20. call4myduty says:

    @ Dilawer321und ur a fuck face that is gonna break plus 4WD Subaru Subaru has the most fuel efficient 4wd it stupid cunt thinks is.you.

  21. yooper42985 says:

    @ Dilawer321 assessment by your diction, you’re either a Briton, an Australian or a Kiwi. Two of these three places are not all that snowy or mountainous. Come and take a ride in the North Cascades next winter! See how fun is 2wd.

  22. dilawer321 says:

    Damn, are wanking the Americans still have 4WD, 4WD guys is hard to fix expensive thristy give on fuel economy and does so much agile handling, unless fine tuned, unless you have 700 hp or live in Sweden, now your just a cock to 4WD

  23. braskosk8 says:

    this is my best car

  24. tashtan1 says:

    ITS is a damn nice car to add if windows and starting to change wheels, it will be nicer car, ps it’s not so expensive

  25. mj1234321 says:

    I’ve got a ’07 Legacy. The ’05 – ’09 model was so much better than the redesigned 2010 model! I’d probably be a Ford Fusion Sport AWD today …

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