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Somewhere a place for us (me)

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How do you find your youtube niche?

25 Responses to “Somewhere a place for us (me)”

  1. waldrop32 says:

    I think the videos I watch most are the ones that do a good job at shairing there life with you and adding humore. They also have to be short. I really hate the 15 min vlogs! 3 to 5 min is good enough for me. You make great videos. I thought it was cool that you still strugle with trying to make good videos. I think that is part of entertainment.

  2. polandbananasBOOKS says:

    literally loling. watching ur vides is my new i’m taking a break from studying for finals pass time.

  3. kokil says:

    haha, “the ornamentation in bar 4 seemed contrived…what the fuc-” that was perfect!

  4. OnMyTireSwing says:

    hahahaha i loved what was in your bag… i really dont want to do that either cos i would have to pull out a really dirty clay covered apron… cos of pottery… and tht would be embarrassing…

  5. 222jazzman says:

    haha my youtube channel is home to mainly vlogs but it does contain the odd song. i don’t want it to be a music channel but its what i’m good at so maybe i’m hiding? i don’t really knkow. my big plan is to do series vlogs on certain topics, once i get time of course, goddamm crazy college schedule XD. ps, i love you! and i’m so sorry that it took Charlie’s Liker chain for me to find you. when i’m confused or stressed about college, i just watch an elmify vid :)
    sincerely, Jazzman

  6. ElleAri94 says:

    What’s really funny is that I feel like this and you are one of the people I’ve been studying. I’m really impressed that even in the beginning of your vids you had your own style and its just so interesting! I feel like I’m kind of finding my own style but i’m still working at it.

  7. Cinanda93 says:

    I love your videos!

  8. 48212Art says:

    This is awesome. Charlie’s vid led me here and you are awesome.

  9. Mslyana94 says:

    i like watching funny videos and especially yours..
    it’s the greatest so far..
    ps. i got to know you from charlieissolike..

  10. SuperAnimalism says:

    I like watching YOU!!!!!!!!
    and charlieissocoollike!!!!!

  11. eliesjames says:

    your tempo did not seem sluggish. 😛 i like watching humourous videos, and videos with sincere messages. i try for humour in my videos… but, asincerity is more of my forte. :)

  12. showersinger34 says:

    i make singing videos… but it seems like you sing better than i do :)

  13. dc1574 says:

    I love vids posted on my birthday!!! So this one is the best!

  14. achmeddead11 says:

    random videos are my fave

  15. JilleyWillyNilly says:

    funny ones, where they’re not about much
    they’re fun to make and watch

  16. phombuspucker says:

    one thing: awful? finger technique.

  17. ginnyvideo says:

    i guess it’s whatever you feel comfortable doing. on my other channel i make series using bratz and barbie dolls. it’s not for everyone, but i enjoy it. that’s also my favorite kind of video to watch (besides vlogs like this)

  18. averagebrooke says:

    oh my god your hilarious hahah this is so funny(:

    i agree with you on these fashion/beauty videos, i watched a couple and they act like everything is such a big deal, like how to be cool haha

  19. stephenhncohen says:

    You make me giggle 😀 thanks for making my day <3

  20. tetsubo57 says:

    Being sensitive & on YT is a dangerous combo. :)
    You should see my everyday carry bag. Full of all kinds of crap.
    I do opinion pieces, social commentary, the occasional rant, non-fiction book reviews, movie reviews, field trip videos, loot videos after bargain hunting and reviews of role-playing game rule books (think Dungeons & Dragons). I post daily.

  21. AmbzGoesRawr says:

    I like making videos about anything haha.
    But I has no subscribers so I never make any D=
    People should sub me so I can be inspired!
    I LAHV Meekakitty =D

  22. imjustsayinng says:

    i like watching people like MEEKAKITTY!

  23. robinocracy says:

    I definitely think I should go through my bag one day, however there’s usually just a bottle of water and a notebook, so it wouldn’t be a very long video.

  24. wetfootblues says:

    hahaha I hate ornaments…maybe even more than I hate Bach’s Inventions 😮 lol

  25. nextweeknext says:

    i just wanted to say, i’ve never watched any of your videos before, but i decided to check you out!
    i’m only on the second one, and i’ve decided that i freakin love you.

    and to answer your question, it’s videos like THIS that i love!

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