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Bassline Tutorial Day 1 Pt 1: Making a Bassline Beat [7 Day Song]

www.boyinaband.com – head over to my website to see the text version of the tutorial, grab some samples and check out my other blogs and tutorials! And http for the forum (Shocking, right?) In Day 1 of the 7 day song Bassline Tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how to make a bouncy bassline beat with techniques like using ReGroove Buy Accutane to add swing, layering, EQing and tape compression with Scream 4 to build a driving basis to your track.
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25 Responses to “Bassline Tutorial Day 1 Pt 1: Making a Bassline Beat [7 Day Song]”

  1. ZackBMusic says:

    I use FL studio and i can still follow this tutorial, so you must be good >.<

  2. GargoyleDubstep says:


  3. iRolandHD says:

    SWEET !

  4. LeonGibson says:

    Brillain tut mate – best iv ever come accross, imstarting to get the nag of it a little bit! but if i may i will add a weee comment 😛 – thers no way them beats are from prime loops 4×4 Garage combination lol – i just purchased the set because of your shout out, but cant seem to find any that match that beat you made. none the less – your the Dogs BOLLOX! keep it up mate, appreciated

  5. hooptic67 says:

    the video crashes half way through

  6. djcraigs2 says:

    dis video is fucked :(

  7. Linkin1122 says:

    whats the programm u use?

  8. salzie84 says:

    am i the only one who has trouble watchin this video

  9. ATG23 says:

    oh and u could click new dub or new alt. (alternate also mutes the current lane)

  10. ATG23 says:

    quick tip if u press 3 on your number pad or click on the +lane at the top of the sequencer u can open a new note lane

  11. Psychiatrium says:

    you have an Insanely loud mouse, but your tutorials and commentary are creat:D

  12. wwwboyinabandcom says:

    Ahh, in that case you’ll probably enjoy April’s 7 day song 😛

  13. digitalapparition says:

    Neurofunk is a subgenre of DnB, Noisia, Misanthrop, Mayhem, and Cause 4 Concern are all good places to start. Also just wanted to say welcome back Dave, I look forward to seeing more tutorials :)

  14. myfaceispurple says:

    @yawagirlzero wow you obviously haven’t watched any of my videos….first of all….professional house artist here…..seconds of all….I do make my own synths I just like to see the way other people make synths to incorporate their technique into my own….and I do run a website….which also….by the way…..makes money so im gonna end this comment with a smiley like you did just to leave us on equal terms =)

  15. hazukisan7 says:

    WOOOOO thanks man was waiting for this you have no idea how much your helping me ,

  16. MrBadman2009 says:

    Hey Boyinaband This is gonna be a awesome Tutorial i can ssmell it 😀 lol Check out my bassline tracks. Thanks

    -MrBadman2009 aka LDot

  17. wwwboyinabandcom says:

    That’s a well nice thing to say, thanks! 😀

    I don’t know much about neurofunk, do you have any suggestions for a track to check out?

  18. MassiveSoundCanada says:

    Hey Dave, it’s been awhile. Garage is cool, I like the groove you implemented here. I miss your 7 day tuts, and I’m glad to see you’re doing them again. I would absolutely love to see you do a Neurofunk 7 day tut.

    I find your explanations very easy to absorb, you have a lot character to your personality. This is what people will remember. I’ve followed some other peoples tuts on here and they are so dry compared to yours. You tend to make things memorable. Wicked work Dave, IMHO, your tuts rock

  19. ibcrazysumtimes says:

    nice tutorial!

  20. yawagirlzero says:

    firstly, i’d like to see you do a better job.
    secondly, make your own synth instead of just trying to copy other people’s.
    thirdly, when you have a website that’s making money then you can give advice about how to run one.
    kthanks :)

  21. TheBassHeavy says:


  22. marina2080 says:

    I’m curious about this one.
    I didn’t knew bassline genre. 😛

  23. gitorla13 says:

    I never said dubstep. But more general sound. 😀

  24. TSDREX says:

    Bassline is very popular, not everyone like Dubsetp etc..

  25. bjazz80 says:

    cool, thanks, I wasnt sure if I was missing something or if perhaps there was something better I could be doing

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