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Point Copy Profit – 16 Year Old Rob Rammuny’s New Product Uncovered

While the economy tightens and college graduates search the barren job market for just about anything, there’s a young man with barely a high school education quietly earning a living online. His name is Rob Rammuny (RobRammuny.com) and he has, through trial and error, since the age of 13 been plugging away at the internet Cheap Cialis marketing thing. Well, he finally stumbled across some strategies that have worked for him and he has been able to secure himself a full time income, all while still living with his mom.

When asked in an interview what advice he would give to someone wishing to be successful, he replies “TAKE ACTION!” He goes on to say, “The difference between people successful and non-succesful is the successful people TAKE ACTION. If they see an opportunity, they chase after it and don’t let it pass them up.” Not bad advice, especially coming from a 15 year old at the time of this interview.

Being older and more experienced can actually be a drawback. Perhaps we have had so many setbacks that we get worn down and opt for the easy road, the status quo. It’s nice to see a Rob Rammuny come along and wake us up to what life once was and could be again with just a little bit of extra energy and persistence. It’s surprising but as we begin to move again, older reservoirs of energy seem to spring to life and let us know that we haven’t “lost it”.

I enjoyed finding out more about this wunderkind and always noticed that he truly is not your ordinary teenager. He really gets a kick out of helping others, and this comes through not just in what he says but how he treats his visitors to his blog. He really stays on top of things. While other kids are out doing the usual hanging out thing, Rob has his own kind of fun, helping others “escape the 9 to five and live the lifestyle they want to live,” , something he’s doing for himself right now.

It’s a bold move to take for this young man. His competition is indeed fierce, including such internet giants as Frank Kern, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, and Eben Pagan, just to name a few. Rob Rammuny certainly has his work cut out for him if he wants to be a player. But my guess is that he’s going to carve out his own niche and focus on continuing to help the people that have already benefited from his knowledge. Perhaps he’ll become an internet marketing juggernaut like those mentioned here, but he’s certainly got time on his side.

I would be shocked if Point Copy Profit turned out to be a lackluster product. The little bit I’ve seen of him tells me that he has put his heart and soul, not to mention a ton of great strategies for making money online, into Point Copy Profit. Either way, this is just the beginning, Rob Rammuny is definitely a person to keep on the radar for years to come.

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