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Video Relay Service (VRS) is the most important part of deaf culture. What is VRS? It enables deaf callers to make a call using a computer with a webcam. A video interpreter Buy cheap Cialis Online translated between hearing and deaf users users. Since VRS is very popular in our Deaf community, most of us concerned with FCC regulations. VRS is a Deaf-friendly service for the deaf / hard of hearing people or the fund of NECA collected and used by several VRS provider? This vlog explains how the VRS attractive companies in Silicon Valley, so we use their “State of the Art” Video Phone.
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10 Responses to “The VRS”

  1. deafrocket says:

    What is the website for the VRS?

  2. Change4Deaf says:

    @ Abcohende How can we do better now? Once we raise the bar high for our deaf community, we would be able to share our vision with you

  3. Change4Deaf says:

    @ Abcohende We, the deaf and hard of hearing people are invited to the shareholders of the future R & D Center, which could attract some of the Fortune 500 companies. (As always heard investors are welcome ..) The VRS is a non-profit organization, a distributor in each Zustand.Wir could one or more of several state-of-the-art equipment w√§hlen.Der Deaf in America is restored when rent-Tech Company D / HH people in the next Deaf Friendly unit work … and go to …

  4. abcohende says:

    What you described is exactly what CSD in several years. Sorenson caught the market by a deal with DLink and custom firmware to make it exclusive. Video Phone gave away as promotional gifts. CSD lost a lot of money, then closed several offices. Do u want it back the way CSD before? How can we do better now?

  5. Wokamuka says:

    Clarification: I do not agree with the current decision.

  6. Wokamuka says:

    The message is that because you use use Sorenson is suffering you will cause because “the others” the problems. The “other” only want money. Because of the “they” (the “Other”), “we must at the Wal-Mart that Sorenson is angry.” The FCC has come up with a “reform” and it says a lot of BS then, finally, it the “TRS Fund,” says. . . [Subject to change} Bi-Bi.

  7. Change4Deaf says:

    @ Mawkayak I firmly believe in competitive and I think a competitive environment is healthy. No Frage.Deshalb I have said in a video with a # 5 R & D center, where a lot of D / HH engineers and developers on top secret projects work with companies in Silicon Valley, we are available in many FCC-compliant devices . The beauty of the R & D center is that D / HH shareholders in the future VP devices that are available each D / HH individual could believe in the world.

  8. Change4Deaf says:

    @ Hmenkis … Great .. look forward to your thoughts.

  9. mawkayak says:

    We also need to standardize VRS protocols to promote the competitiveness and processing of VRS and communication system. At the forefront of this digital era, we must ensure that all future ideas, solving the communications industry, the ability to communicate by video relay system to remain integrated.

  10. hmenkis says:

    Interesting concept … reviewed again later in a few weeks and you my thoughts, I will be out of town a lot the next few weeks … Maybe worth serious consideration “after the jury is in on this concept from other viewers …

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