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SeaCaptainDate.com Testimonial – Caleb’s Story

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Captain Caleb Jacobson shares his real life love story Date Sea Captain. SeaCaptainDate.com is the number 1 destination for Sea Captains on the web. Create your free account now www.SeaCaptainDate.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

14 Responses to “SeaCaptainDate.com Testimonial – Caleb’s Story”

  1. t2thepisha says:

    @ JonathanTheBlack cuz, like real masters’s talking about!

  2. t2thepisha says:

    MissTaco81 .. omg why?

  3. StopThatSquirrel says:

    mmm, people really do think this is real? haha its action is terrible! especially the girls. not to mention that not a real captain hat. I bought literally the same thing online for Halloween. and I do not think that would be true masters of vessels, constantly describing themselves as “masters” that are specifically … So yes, if there is a real site, then at least their “Testimonial” couple are actors. just sayin.

  4. jason040 says:

    “My mistress can be the sea, but the thing is .. this is just an expression. It is not really involved no sex”

  5. MrFictive says:


  6. wakakakaak says:

    Why is he with his daughter?

  7. kendjohns says:

    I will make a recommendation for authenticity. Change hear CB radio on channel 16 monitoring.

  8. watermeloncholy says:


  9. ChateauOfADoubt says:

    @ Juclyazzo hahahahahha I thought he said.

  10. 4ever says:

    He googled the web.

  11. ashleylbaker says:

    When I first saw this website and the video I immediately via E-mail the company because I thought it was a joke. Definitely not fake, simply a very niche dating site. I suggested they make the video for Funny or Die or Tosh.O, it would be perfect on both. Hopefully they will do. It may even knock their member database, a notch;)

  12. JonathanTheBlack says:

    I think he did. Why would not they edit that? : D

  13. juclyazzo says:

    Captain date the fuck dot com

  14. fwanktank says:

    Did he say, Captain Date of Fu * k. Com at 1:05?

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