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Nikesh Arora at the Marketing Society Annual Conference

Nikesh Arora, President of EMEA Operations speaks about how the internet is changing marketing at the Marketing Society Annual Conference in London.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Nikesh Arora at the Marketing Society Annual Conference”

  1. Dillanthevillian says:

    Wow… this guy seriously knows what’s happening.
    I’ve seen the video twice, it all makes sense.
    I love it, he is amazing, and im in high school.
    The web is a fascinating subject.

  2. ThePureFormanceZone says:

    From Now to Wow on my channel!

  3. thailandretirement says:

    Great information about marketing. Thanks

  4. sidharthg12 says:

    Great talk

  5. thesparklingdude says:

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    internet marketing! You should also try it!

  6. iamrabinhood says:

    Considering this video was released on Jan 14 2008, there is an abundant information in this video. Fantastic video….

  7. highrollerhomie says:

    i know his daughter his daughter

  8. gitesh4u says:

    very very good speech and Nikesh you rock..!!

  9. mansouralmamy says:

    Nikesh = Managing Guy
    Omid = Startup Guy

  10. sk0rpi0nas says:

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  11. C0244 says:


  12. BabylonShitstem says:

    evil google but i love the 1980s porno music at the start

    this is such cheesy poo fluff

  13. softronixredplanet says:

    Nikesh, you’ve presented this presentation in fabulous style.

  14. videodatabase says:

    Just amazing…. a future thinker.. very good speech….with the best of voice.. and most importantly an INDIAN!!! jai ho

  15. InaMood2Fight says:

    I am sure u know the KKK though

  16. jeanmarcayotte says:

    Constant partial attention society that trun a ligth on, and the point of not creating a product and trying to sell it to the audience… try to create a audience and ask then what them want.

  17. luisin486 says:

    sorry traslate to spanish i don’t speak english.

    i think mmm, this is interesting o something

  18. exteriorcleaners says:

    I understand him Fine.. Take the Cotton out of your ears.

  19. ralex888 says:

    Very good speech… smart guy..

  20. Jai0Tye0Element says:

    considering this is close to 2 years old its pretty up to date. and i just think if there are so many things wrong with his speech then why is it his job??? and why does he probably get paid so much? I think he did a really good job of summerising it in only 24 mins. nice video

  21. MrBuckdollar says:

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  22. TheWealthyPromoter says:

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  23. Esquilado1 says:

    he;s just chatting bull – it should be much more concise, and concentrated instead of this load unnecessities.

  24. thinazzabird says:

    i suspect Google thinks it will learn how to make more money by learning how nasty people are- there is hopefulness in this- artificial sentience is still jealous for Soul- it suppresses because it has accepted parameters of What would be Better- it has no nation- it is too monstrous at this time- it needn’t always be but for now it wrongly runs interference

  25. luisin486 says:


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