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Phantom Crash: Blue Skies Bring Tears – Official Trailer 1

This was the VERY FIRST video game trailer that I’ve ever created and it is still surprising that my very first trailer was officially released worldwide to all media channels. Phantom Crash Buy cheap online Provigil was launched worldwide back in 2002 for the Xbox console and it sold reasonably well for a niche western market genre. I really enjoyed devising and executing the PR & Marketing for Phantom Crash. It’s also ironic that this trailer was the landmark for many trailers and marketing campaigns planned, produced and executed by me. Please check out the rest of my trailers that I’ve created by going to my video page.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “Phantom Crash: Blue Skies Bring Tears – Official Trailer 1”

  1. KhR0MeDoMe says:

    i miss my kat chip…. that pussy has been with me thru many a asswhuppin,, gud times nevr to b had agn

  2. xman2008 says:

    This needs an xbox360 remake NOW. I NEED TO PUT A BONSAI TREE IN MY FUCKING SCOOBY.

  3. StefromBurnley says:

    They did, but it was only released on the PS2 – Steel Lancer Arena International.

  4. navolas2 says:

    go on google and search download phantom crash music

  5. DarkBubb1e says:

    Look for a site called Galbadia Hotel. They’ve got a rip. There was a lot of great music in the game, from the small menu pieces to the in-battle tracks. Even when I started to think about shutting the game off, I’d listen to some of the music and get right back in the mood.

  6. ofoyboy says:

    thanx 4 that

  7. Phantomking90 says:

    does anyone know how to get the music for this game?

    the music in this game was awesome

  8. SpecterryuQuipter says:

    They did make another one its called:
    S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International. Its only for the PS2 though, look it up its the sequal to Phantom Crash

  9. takuru says:

    cant believe i played this game 7 years ago, still looks pretty interesting. too bad the didnt make another one

  10. libybfmv says:

    molto divertente

  11. InflamedIron says:

    Kick ass, I’m surprised this doesn’t have more views.

  12. EAprima says:

    This was the first trailer you made?!? You’re incredible!!!

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