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Elliott Smith Say Yes Tribute

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Elliott was a genius in his own right and created beautiful songs that we hold on to now to remember him by or discover him. The world suffered the loss of a very gifted and talented songwriter the day Elliott passed on.

25 Responses to “Elliott Smith Say Yes Tribute”

  1. notyoursavior78 says:


    heh yeah I remember you. It’s cool to be recognized for my comments on various videos at times because I do remember most people as well if I see them comment in many different videos. Cya! Enjoy the music!

  2. purpledrohaze777 says:

    @notyoursavior78 Dude I see you everywhere on YouTube. American Football, Empire! Empire!, The Appleseed Cast, etc. are bands that I always see you commenting on, plus the music that upload yourself. You’ve got a great taste in music, and because of you I’ve discovered so many awesome bands. =)

  3. bzush21freestyle says:

    I am one of that large group and he is awesome either way.

  4. astonishing00 says:

    top five indie bands

    1. elliott smith
    2. bright eyes
    3. mountain goats
    4. fleet foxes
    5. kevin m. kirker

    but elliott smith will always be #1! we miss you and love you elliott! we’ll never forget you! rest in peace

  5. shadrussell says:

    seems like there is a large group of individuals JUST learning about Elliott.

    I’ve been addicted to his amazing melodies for years now.

    Check out heatmiser if you want some idea of where he came from.

  6. horizon says:

    Thank you very much. I still like watching it to this day.

  7. AlexStevens42 says:

    very well put together

    1:55 to the end of the song is beautiful

  8. leftarrowthree says:

    no words can express

  9. notyoursavior78 says:

    I woulda loved to see him live! Dude can write songs and has a heavy metal mouth (he said it) in Basement on a Hill: King’s Crossing. :)

  10. notyoursavior78 says:

    I love this song, I didn’t know people loved this song as much as I did. Either/Or though is incredible as is all his work, I heard.

  11. jrmagic43 says:

    This song is so good i simply adore it and i miss you elliott RIP

  12. Bombdiggity207 says:

    Hes so brilliant, its a shame his life ended so soon

  13. mikeyetherin08 says:

    my favourite artist at the moment i just cant stop listening to his music and it makes me a total sad sack i could never see him live

  14. ruegamaterassisrl says:

    I miss you…R.I.P.

  15. LateGreatBillHicks says:

    To nadjapausch101 [& whoever else], re the pic of Elliott in this vid at 1:22 you like..

    do you know if you press the ‘PrintScreen’ button on your pc, the comp takes a snapshot of the whole screen?

    You can then paste the pic from pc clipboard to something like the simple Paint program, then cut out the part of the snapshot you want to keep.

    [I’m sure this is really old news to most probably, but it’s v v useful to the folks who’ve yet to learn it]

  16. LateGreatBillHicks says:

    Great video you have made, I’ve just gotten into E.S. over the past 2 months. Though I liked Good Will Hunting music since 1998, I just didnt know who sung most of it.

    But I see now E.S. is really something very special, he seemed so unassuming and modest. And his vocals, writing and guitar work is Beatles-good.. his songs from Good Will H wouldnt sound out of place on The Beatles ‘Rubber Soul’ album.

    It is heart-breaking how he died.

    RIP Elliott & God bless.

  17. mooninites755 says:

    very good 4.5/5 so ill just give you a 5

  18. mellse says:

    Great job man


  19. nadjapausch101 says:

    I absolutely ADORE the photo of Elliott at 1:22 through the song.

    He was such a beautiful person, and lives in our hearts forever.

  20. tragg2 says:

    Your efforts are really appreciated.

  21. stillwaterotter says:

    nicely done man, thoroughly enjoyed it.

  22. horizon says:

    Thank you. I’m glad the couple of hours I put into this gave you some enjoyment.

  23. stacklestahl says:

    thanx this was a really nice tribute incorporating the interviews and everything. one of the betters ones i have seen

  24. rodney74 says:

    5 years ago, in october 2003.

  25. PewBoss says:

    how long ago did he die?

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