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Lloyd Brown – Know Thyself (Jah Live Riddim)

Lloyd Brown – Know Thyself (Jah Live Riddim) ** Brown first came to attention with the harmony group Sweet Distortion in the mid-1980s. He played in the musical Black Heroes in the Hall Of Fame, and carved a niche in the 90 years as lovers rock singer before an open-Rasta towards the end of the millennium. With more tracks than eclectic predecessor Brownie points but the same level of quality assurance, For Your Consideration all reggae Buy cheap Accutane Online lovers could hope for. Lloyd Brown has long been a British reggae’s best kept in relation to the capacity and mainstream exposure secret. His thirteenth album, For Your Consideration is further evidence of why more abundant accolades and awards are well overdue. The rhythms are the perfect blend of awareness and modernity. Excavations include support for Wailing Souls Jah Give Us Life to Live the Life You stirring Love (featuring Sweetie Irie and Chucky Starr) and Lloyd Charmers in the circle for the Charmers / Phillip Gadd produced Sweet Bitter Earth. Meanwhile, Dean Fraser (Lloyd rhythm awarded for She’s Royal for the same good show Me That You Love Me in 2007) delivers his rework of Bob Marley Jah Live to Know Yourself.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Lloyd Brown – Know Thyself (Jah Live Riddim)”

  1. DjEyeMan says:

    @ Jussafriend for a track of his new album, stay tuned

  2. jussafriend says:

    can someone post Cold Blooded Brown by Llyod

  3. jussafriend says:

    can someone post Cold Blooded Brown by Llyod

  4. moose6173 says:

    Bad tune

  5. aladdingee says:

    ALADDIN GEE – NUFF love and respect

  6. khrisrooter says:

    Clock is ticking …

  7. Bantubrotha says:

    Time to fly with eagle beautiful melody

  8. TheRickynow says:

    Top Tune. Thanks for a great post and Roots Daughter for a top share …

  9. lardsah says:

    Blessup Eyeman …. Lloyd Brown Tuff average Fe real! Nuff roots love and daughter for the stock.

  10. ladyrock61 says:

    @ RootsDaughter41926 Blees you, my sister for that real touch share – ONE LOVE

  11. rasmacky says:

    yes he was the same Philip main rebel-mc great days at Kingsmead with jah Tubbys and intpreid before gemini magic have no tapes of Eastman is a shame hope some can THE old session with DM received three notes anyway leadership & respect is was

  12. DjEyeMan says:

    Wait … Horace aka Ruddy Ranks (ah wat little world) lol

  13. rasmacky says:

    yeah me wear nuh dis Eastman me use de boxes for Philip Burke and Horace and DM men I was in the sound and remember when Lloyd Eastman Philip shame didn’t sang driving days he was playing off DM is great coming off yeah i use Dubplates Fatman hear Fatman Scala in December is ah carry de swing de of this meeting yes i have cd unit was tuff and me a few tapes of them nuff respect EYEMAN & Advice

  14. DjEyeMan says:

    @ Rasmacky. How yu mean .. Ras Eastman ah big sound together wid Sir Dees, Fatman (by the way on the road again … Big up Flip) my Sound & Unity.

  15. DjEyeMan says:

    @ RootsDaughter41926 Bless .. He is one of my fav uk artists. Try is to promote music. Give Thanks for the share.

  16. zigedub says:

    Big Tune Wed say !!!… They fly with eagle and go with chicken !!… Real song right there … I have been to this tune for a while now addicted …. great upload Eyeman need!

  17. Chel4seA says:

    thank you every day – positive energy – in livety of Yah!

  18. rasmacky says:

    as I said I had the good fortune eyeman heard him back in the 8os when he was on the sound system, I was singing in boxes lol yeah yeah i wear Eastman Sound System he could tell u, he sang was speacil then thanks 4 the share

  19. rasmacky says:

    yes DJ Tuff Upload he sang on Eastman Sound Hi-Fi a few times in the 80’s top singer really respect

  20. TontoPiero says:

    Great one!

  21. Safir73 says:

    Most excellent deep n melody! Roots Daughter Thanks for sharing.

  22. RootsDaughter41926 says:

    Brilliant album …. my favorite, because “Against the Grain “…. Waiting for Lloyd’s “Blah Blah Blah” video …. <<

  23. marloes5 says:

    Know thyself! 5 * ‘s!

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