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Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes

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upsidedowniceberg.com Discover how using Social Media Marketing to promote your business can keep you top of mind with your prospects. Use Social Media to position yourself as an expert in your field, teach people how to solve their problems with your product or service and develop a lasting relationship. After all, we all know people buy from people they know like and trust. Discover the 4 step formula for using Social Media Marketing for your business…

25 Responses to “Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes”

  1. Goodgirllv says:

    This is by far the best explanation I have heard to date on the value of Social Media. The average consumer may understand it as the new medium to receive information. However they do not always understand its’ value. Thanks

  2. AyannaShana says:

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  3. maygwithus says:

    Thanks for a wonderful directing lesson. The video puts together in short clear sentences a huge mass of information. Thanks.

  4. JosephJGomez says:

    the video is a little old, but the content is still relevant! i would add that facebook has increased the number of subscribers and is at about 500M now.

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  6. kaelsal says:

    Thanks for Clear, Concise Info in small segments
    You Guys are Outstanding!

  7. inkincpr says:

    It is good to go social and for all your social media marketing needs you can contact Ink Inc PR.

  8. TheBrinkmanBrothers says:

    True ..its the way to go !

  9. SpingloSocialNetwork says:

    Great Video guys!!! ?

  10. socialnetworkaddicts says:

    Hey Guys! We all are social network addicts…if u still havent realized it watch the videos on my channel…and share ur social network story too!!

  11. tslechta says:

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  12. tslechta says:

    Check out Incognito Entrepreneur’s fun new blog, dub dub dub.In-Trep.com. Everything entrepreneur, tech, social media, business, ideas, etc. See you there, IE.

  13. chirobob says:

    Love the 9 advantages at the end. excellent!

  14. sportsdude3000 says:

    Perspective on how fast social media is… every single statistical fact in this video is now extremely outdated in the course of over a year. Twitter has gone from an estimated 50 million users, to 50 million tweets a day, with over 100 million users, also the amount of Facebook users has risen to 500 million.

  15. TheWillisTeam says:

    Great Video, Thanks!

  16. Shoplletes says:

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  17. aptube says:

    Great info, great video.

  18. newexportmarket says:

    I agree – use the largest social media sites Twitter, Facebook, Linked in and Youtube.

  19. ManufactureBelief says:

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  20. MultiNaton says:

    informative (: yeh great video (:

  21. merrywatson63 says:

    Thanks for sharing this. This morning at my networking group we talked about this very subject. Going to send this link to everyone now.

  22. ArifJuliant0 says:

    I like TOP MIND concept!!!

  23. behindthetanlines says:

    Forget Social Media. Real Fortune500 CEOs go tanning first.

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  24. sonitekca says:

    I’m currently taking a course on how to be a social media marketing assistant and I’m really enjoying the basic information in this video on how social media marketing works. Thanks? for sharing this video.

  25. Smartavideo says:

    Simple, but clear. A great explanation of Social Media Marketing, Smarta.com certainly wouldn’t be as big as it is today if it wasn’t for the likes of twitter and facebook.

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