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003 Superion Transformers Fans Project add-on kit, “Snowman” version – TF Source Video Review

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Buy at TFsource.com – www.tfsource.com —– This is a video review of TF Source Fansproject Superion “Snowman Version” add-on kit. In recent years, TFsource.com been stepping out of the crowd by offering exclusive redecos of 3rd party Transformer figures as part of their unique Stocking Stuffer campaign. This campaign is a thank you from the site to loyal customers and are typically very niche versions of classic characters. Have consisted of adding historical recdecos of JustitToys “Worlds Smallest Dinobots. TFsource has even gone the extra mile and offered incredible chase limited versions of some of the chrome addition. If you happen to be in the normal range and share a parable packed to coveted Lucky Draw toys . In 2009 TFsource breaks out her 3 year old tradition, World’s Smallest Dinobot stocking stuffers and moves on to the fascinating Superion add-on kit from fans Projects. This alternative version cast comes in a bone-white plastic and is considered a “snowman version “marks this form upgrade. The yield on the 5-robot figures during the Energon toy line was a welcome step back, but their execution was pushed spotted resonance. This add-on kit improves Aerialbot combiner place so much that the toy looks almost as from without, naked. Fansproject has again been magnificent creations Hasbro and Takara’s improved. If you missed the first version of Superion mounting kit Add
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “003 Superion Transformers Fans Project add-on kit, “Snowman” version – TF Source Video Review”

  1. tykes95 says:

    @ Aiskrimcup Neema

  2. aiskrimcup says:

    In the interest of Superion snowman, to spread the love please send this version reproduces tfsource:)

  3. aiskrimcup says:

    @ Tykes95 Ameen.

  4. aiskrimcup says:

    @ Atherinomorpha I hope so, please tfsource, restock this version.

  5. BioformerCorviz says:

    I would like small dinosaurs, I have no Superion …

  6. NemesisPrime1989 says:

    Are there any versions of the KO Superion add-on set?

  7. tykes95 says:

    This add-on kit, I hope they will fill up!

  8. toamata01 says:

    Send me the ROTF Bruticus and the add-on kit to my birthsday

  9. Kakashi465 says:

    Become more and more on of these add-on kits in stock? These are so hard to find.

  10. ProjectxDurge says:

    we will first of any new WSTS the foreseeable future?

  11. a1nall says:

    @ RodimusMinor1987 Why would you prefer the original? This looks more G1ish. I want, but I could only win a bid to the dark. You think the dark blends better?

  12. atherinomorpha says:

    I missed this Christmas version! Will they be filled?

  13. KilamajaroKen says:

    @ Anguirusfan26 you could, but TF-source current, y lists this as out of stock.

  14. anguirusfan26 says:

    You must buy the stocking stuffer or do you buy something and you’ll receive as bounus?

  15. AcuardThe3rd says:

    I’m back in the collection transformers, and I have the ROTF Superion. The figure looks really complete without the add-on kit. but I hope TF Source Projects for Fans get other snowman version of the kit to do. others, I would probably wait until it get to Botcon: (

  16. evildatoad1234 says:

    Wow, great review! I can tell you spent time on it by recording photos and intonation! I subscribe!

  17. RodimusMinor1987 says:

    Nice, but I prefer the original to add to kit.

  18. ultimetia666 says:

    @ Killercrx91 it a lottery dude do not think there’s only buy one for each version of Optimus Prime trying to find it on ebay, but it is … of price:)

  19. killercrx91 says:

    What is the name of the gold is?

  20. rick4777 says:

    they have, they estimate are selling well, she is only allowed a limited number of what I’ve heard, well I’m at the starting price, before he left.

  21. tony77tony77 says:

    the prize went to that?

  22. tfsource says:

    They are based on IT planning, but it was not officially announced the pricing. Once it is, it will be up soon on our page!

  23. sharpst33l says:

    they will get a Bruticus add-on kit?

  24. mileshye says:

    “I know it’s a hidden message in this video … we are now transcoding …..” Cheney

  25. taingsto says:

    a golden prime … awesome!

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