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Rakesh Chaurasia – Flute, Kousic Sen – Tabla Raag Mishra Bhairavi

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Rakesh Chaurasia is the nephew and disciple of the legendary flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Adept at playing the popular and folk music, he is equally at home in the Indian classical genre. Despite constant claims of “Bollywood” industry for his services towards the film and stage music, he has not shied away from his ambition to create a niche for itself in the Indian classical genre. In recent years he has increasingly Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia on the international stage, the classic helped his abilities accompanied to refine. Now, slowly emerging from the shadow of his famous uncle, from which he has absorbed not only the generosity of spirit and humility, but complete surrender his craft, he showcases his skills in this very first classical album. For more information visit www.saa-uk.org.uk or www.samaymusic.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Rakesh Chaurasia – Flute, Kousic Sen – Tabla Raag Mishra Bhairavi”

  1. foodynik says:

    In the end he played Raj Kapoor Theme:)

  2. FluteStream says:

    @ ShishyupalDer Raga Shuddha Saranga is from 8:02 to Kaafi Thaat.

  3. citizenfitz says:

    I am always a true fan of Chaurasia. What a talent!

  4. failef says:

    there was a list, playing what raag hes what time of the video. Where did it go? It was very useful. Put it back man!

  5. romie2357 says:

    @ Shishyupal06.27 Bhatiyar .. I think

  6. SouthAsianArtsUK says:

    @ Shishyupal I can confirm that is played on Raag Marwa from 6:27 Bhatiyar Thaat.Vielen Thanks for looking!

  7. shishyupal says:

    Here are the raagas played (Bhairavi is coming back between them), to my knowledge base: 05.00: Lalit05.39: Ahir Bhairav06.27: 07:03: Miyan ki Malhar07.33: Jog08.02: Yaman8: 36: Kirwani08.59: European classic (fits in Kirwani, so it seems), some knowledgeable person could confirm that the ragas are actually being played? What is played at 6:27?

  8. askforhp says:

    Excellent … Feels like quiet, tranquille morning hours …

  9. Ghulesoorkh says:

    Salam from Afghanistan, wah wah kiya baat hai wah wah Zenda bad

  10. sandiptube says:

    ! It is wonderful not only Bhairavi / Mishra Bhairavi, after half of the other clips have been played as interludes raags – bhatiyaar, desh … etc.

  11. prashantjohn says:

    Fabulous! A true son of the master!

  12. sam16saleasforever says:

    BRAVO from Greece

  13. SouthAsianArtsUK says:

    Yes, that’s correct Mishra Bhairavi. I think I should change the description!

  14. MuZicaManiac says:

    Thanks for the upload! It is a stunning performance by Rakeshji. But Mishra Bhairavi is right.

  15. cronosopium says:


  16. teddybearxyy says:

    The ladies sitting there listening with closed eyes, watching it is just amazing, I can say is the sound of the bansuri is penitrating throuh the heart,,, This is heaven on earth,,,

  17. teddybearxyy says:

    Bansuri can never played better than this be, It’s just unreal, Hari Ji,,,, you did a great job done by your ability, Rakesh Ji,, God bless you both,,,,

  18. teddybearxyy says:

    God bless you,,, Rakesh JiTausend Thanks for posting this clip, please add if you have more, I would like to know when and where to do so, thank you

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