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Hollis P Monroe – ‘I’m Lonely’ (Original)

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Vocal house crossover.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

12 Responses to “Hollis P Monroe – ‘I’m Lonely’ (Original)”

  1. melink says:

    this song is a real memories 4 me and my old friendz!!! 1997 is the year of a Bomb Hits!

  2. Onslow74 says:


  3. OSORIOO says:

    Legendary & Timeless

  4. roosstout says:

    … so glad to have found it!.. You tubes’ database is really adding up!
    Sweet sweet Memories :)

  5. mikedutch1975 says:

    Great memories!

  6. ultramegabox says:

    UUUUUU nice classic!!!
    GQ 😀

  7. gjerre81 says:

    funky classic

  8. pacerav says:

    che bello ritornare ragazzetto….

  9. DjRoddis says:

    aye it was a classic love that mix ,best by far for me !

  10. Narahira says:

    finally the full version!!! thx man!*****

  11. JamEzDJ1980 says:

    Yeah, it was the Roadblock Remix that mainly got played at Casa’s, etc. More upbeat than this mix, which is the original…

  12. DjRoddis says:

    gotta be the roadblock mix surely ?????

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