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Why I don’t tell people I play poker

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Family reunion conversation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Why I don’t tell people I play poker”

  1. DonkeyMagnet99 says:

    sounds like it was written by one of those up their own ass snotty nosed nerdy little turds who infest the poker forums and sites with their acronyms, in-jokes and ‘greatness’

  2. je187u says:

    lol in pula me lol

  3. bubglueckert says:

    that is funny as hell

  4. Iamfromsweden007 says:

    Pretty much sums up how I feel when I talk poker with non-poker playing friends.

  5. ColonelHarry says:

    I don’t like the spirit of 2+2 forum (too many agressive and arrogant kids).

  6. TheMarshallTuckerMan says:

    God I love this video.

  7. OnePastMidnight says:


    Perfect way to get people to stop doing that.

    Step 1: “Hey man, can I give you $200 and can you double it and give $400 back for me?”
    Step 2: “Sure”
    Step 3: Spend $200 on hookers and blow.
    Step 4: “So you got my money?
    Step 5: “Oh yeah. I got it all in with KK and got called by AA. Sometimes it just happens.”

  8. HooligaNL1987 says:

    HAHAHAHAAHA that is sooooo true omg, lolled unreal hard

  9. adragoo says:

    “that is quite possibly the dumbest rant about strategy i have ever fucking heard” lolololololololol

  10. Danvie11 says:

    “…..but hey man if I give you like two hundred bucks can you double that for me and give me four hundred bucks back??” XD

  11. IMakeBoringVideos says:

    lol. this is exactly the convo i have when i people this..

  12. deazn1 says:


  13. badfish50 says:

    looooooool so true

  14. feely33 says:

    Well I never raise aces sir! When they lose I will not lose a big pot! Hahahaha nh baby :)

  15. 2TheDeath says:


  16. XIBOMBIX says:

    “you play poker for a living? do you make money? well it certainly wouldnt be much of a fucking living if i didnt make money” LMAO

  17. VantekHG says:

    are you addicted to driving your piece-of-fucking-shit truck on the graveyard shift?

  18. ravishedman says:

    He speaks very well for a trucker…

  19. omnishakira says:

    Nice video xD

  20. Devilboy668 says:


  21. zacatkings says:

    I love this

  22. PETEYcrack13 says:


  23. syllousse says:

    I loled

  24. MaxChart says:


  25. Talonades says:


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