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Dj Luck feat MC Neat – Do you really like it?

created music video Provigil pharmacy with brilliant break dancing and music (DJ Luck and MC neat – you really feel like it)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Dj Luck feat MC Neat – Do you really like it?”

  1. wot4edge540 says:

    @ KillerNik139 hammering what the black bird in the ass behind the kebab shop in 1995 as;) hhhaa

  2. nightmare12317 says:

    Break Dancer’s are more than creatine! Smell is like crack !!!!!

  3. DarkElixirDubstep says:

    @ ShadowKaine25 he got done? Nahh Are you crazy haha! Man on the left, hit him … I know that vid n the man not even for the left to a very good

  4. 1MCDT says:

    Tell them again to make trent mate dj pied piper and the master of ceremonies DT Melody Sharky P Unknown rock you hahaha

  5. ShadowKaine25 says:

    vid well done tho boy I know

  6. BARKERHD5 says:

    Enter the Dragon

  7. aleksandrahtee says:

    @ Bradleyj202 I swear on his life, Sharkey S.

  8. bradleyj202 says:

    @ Aleksandrahtee bullshitt

  9. richard2humphry says:


  10. zohaibahmed786 says:

    I like and yet I can Memba dis tune since I woz bout 4-5 years old

  11. ECWOWNZY3A says:

    N-to dragons

  12. aleksandrahtee says:

    my best friend sisters friend was singing.

  13. speedy20091 says:

    The guy has SKILLZ, Tune is shaped is minited video, keep up the good work!

  14. syclejames says:


  15. TheStreetGarmSTORE says:


  16. adthet says:

    who cares its class tuin and gd vid

  17. savan12 says:

    Bboy Ivan! He is too much!

  18. seanox69 says:

    isn’t this brilliant, with all the bulllshit goin on around the world, to look after its makin my day, two guys go head in an old-fashioned dance, Im glad that I live, for boys legends head !!!!!! !

  19. Grodecki77 says:

    I like it;)

  20. xSn1P3ZxX says:

    The white man kills the black guy lol … for a white guy dancing, he can damn;)

  21. CuRtDoTb says:

    PHAT tuuuuuuuuuuune

  22. iCh4rLii3xX says:

    DJ Pied Piper of u mofo

  23. molizy0x says:

    this wa playing in a shop & me and mi mates just started dancin lmao!

  24. stustu2008 says:

    Passion Passion

  25. SuperJazmine12 says:

    waat a sonng)

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