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Mike Soul “What If I Could” Official Video Feat Rain

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Director: George Burt, Produced by: Bani Mendy, editor, Dmitry Amelin, www.myspace.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Mike Soul “What If I Could” Official Video Feat Rain”

  1. MrMuffhed says:

    London Bridge (L)

  2. once201 says:

    damnn this song is hot!

  3. misstwisted001 says:

    Where can I find more material from ‘Rain’?

  4. smithy291006 says:

    big up tunnnneeeee x

  5. Dpaston says:

    Tune !!!!!

  6. jasmeek says:

    Hey Cobra, he does not have an album … No but it is on its way … I am a part of his label-Team!

  7. CobraSnake7 says:

    Bring It On then Mike Soul. Looking forward to new songs. Does he have an album?

  8. bradddderzz says:

    sick song

  9. lukiboi says:

    awesome times two

  10. haffyali says:

    I can send you:) In tryna send them 2 me m8 LMAO! x

  11. SoulOutMusic says:

    It is on iTunes for 0.79p

  12. hellb says:


  13. 80n35lal says:

    luv dis song it dnt lettme download dis song on LimeWire can sum1 send me it plz:)

  14. seraphina787 says:

    free? haha

  15. jasmeek says:

    You can get it on iTunes … it has 4 remixes!

  16. lukiboi says:

    Quality tune

  17. misscongenia says:

    love this song love it from the beginning of the song naughty song

  18. ifinkitsrainin says:

    ahh love this sonngg

  19. d1124 says:

    Everything about this song is quality!

  20. seraphina787 says:

    You know where I can get the actual song?

  21. megawahala says:

    Great things come from Mike Soul – this is just the beginning!

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