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Leaving Bliss Webisode 7: “Irish self-confidence, Irish Pride”

include us on your friends or on your myspace / facebook page! Visit www.leavingbliss.com for bonus material! New episodes Provigil online No prescription every other Friday. Leaving Bliss is an original series of comedic web creator Shanna Micko and director Steve Yager. Episode 7: “Irish self-confidence, Irish Pride” Patience figures out its niche as an actor and win the confidence of a decent conversation with Madison have.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Leaving Bliss Webisode 7: “Irish self-confidence, Irish Pride””

  1. OOjiBoy says:

    @ Your Cpak71 not Irish, you American.

  2. RedDevileire says:

    @ Cpak71 Are you really Irish? or are you one of those Americans with some Irish descent, who think they are irish?

  3. slicez2dicez says:

    This is awesome and I think Maddison is Croatian.

  4. cpak71 says:

    I am proud to be Irish!

  5. das1418 says:

    he shouted MICKKKKKK !!!!! and Mick is an Irish as calling a black person nigger or an Italian a Guido .. It is a great insult if u irish

  6. mellanie123181 says:

    I had sex wid him ahaha JK !!!!!!

  7. hiyodo says:

    GO FECK you own Bucket Of Feck You! lmaooooo

  8. socco15 says:


  9. kearbear7711 says:

    Oh my God .. lmao. The pictures were so funny!

  10. xgoldxbabyx says:

    Me too!

  11. juicyluvinsinger says:

    I’m Irish !!!!!

  12. amazingamelia123 says:

    Madison is my Boyf <3 Geez HES SEXY <3

  13. 1234shellybelly says:

    What does that guy think Patience on the street screaming?

  14. minhngoanhien says:

    I clicked on the clover ebay lol

  15. sfscXkatie says:

    Madison is so damn HOTT!

  16. AllAgainstTheOdds says:

    make it more like 20 instead of every week (Y)

  17. lo0kingThruAmberEyes says:

    Wow this interview was so painful .. I thought “if it kills / Dudley still supposed to say ..” I wish they would be only slightly less awkward with him coz he is rather attractive man in every respect, but the teacher is soooo funny: “They look like a $ 2 hooker who choked on too many c *** s” … .. incredibly awesome!

  18. dthannya312 says:

    omg! Therefore, they will not have a real conversation! Aaaa! cool! but frustrating!

  19. divababe106 says:

    Omg is like, the first bit was so cringy.Ich like aha omg, my Gesicht.sehr cover gut.Ich this: D

  20. Subscribe2Dave says:

    OMG my computer is terribly slow! It does not load … Haha, the seller said Seamus, “Eastern Europe … perhaps Czech or Polish …” LOL Great stuff! 4:35 … This is so wrong.

  21. Voyagersguidebook says:

    Hahaha … him a “fake” clover. After she blew him completely without knowing goes beyond traditional Irish get up in this! This is hysterical. HAHAHA .. HEY Mick! This is so funny .. Oh, she loves her grandma so much and gets brushed off every which way.

  22. Wo87pooh says:

    omg hes so sexy!

  23. RavenSunnyD says:

    lol im eatin lucky charms now lol

  24. EmmaHeartsSaii says:

    When is the next episode is out? D: Hurry! XD I Wannah watch it! 3

  25. SuperLink517 says:

    Hahah I feel so bad for this guy

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