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Put Your Arms Around Me – Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network was formed to rescue purebred Cairn Terriers and Cairn Terrier mixes. CPCRN facilitates the pick-up and transport of these dogs, arranges for their spay/neuter in addition to other appropriate veterinary Order Generic Cialis Online without Prescription care, rehabs and fosters and then seeks applications and screens permanent “forever homes”. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out a volunteer form and we will help you find your niche! cairnrescue.com Select Photos courtesy of jerearnold.com “Put Your Arms Around Me” from Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. www.natashabedingfield.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Put Your Arms Around Me – Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network”

  1. Alyx7727 says:

    I think its great to see big burly men snoozing with cute little dogs. Nice to know that and Cairns are the best!

  2. happyinlove97 says:

    I adore my Cairn, Cinderella. I found her blurry picture on Petfinder 3 years ago, and I had to see if she was really a Cairn. I knew she was even though she was covered in filth, burrs, matts and even poop. I took her home, got her groomed, and she has been a dream dog. She loves to play with squeaky toys and she is very affectionate. She’s about 12, but acts and looks like a young dog. I’ll rescue another as soon as possible. Love this breed.

  3. keatsgipsy says:

    My carin terrier found me ‘TOTO – and how blessed we all are who share our life with a carin
    — Cheers all
    Lovely video thanks Toto and Keats Gipsy

  4. vixenexcels says:

    Absolutely fab, what inspirational pics – x

  5. cairnmom says:

    I love to see the happy owners and pups. Gives hope for so many.

  6. KKHufsey says:

    Love the pictures – would be nice to know who’s who!

  7. luluandlolly says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Such joy, sweetness, and soul – in humans and dogs both – captured here — this video shows everything rescue can be. Thank you so much to everyone! You are changing this planet. LoLLy is a rescue and without people like you she would not be giving all the grace to this world that she was meant to bring.

  8. pamalamoore says:

    Fantastic !!!!!!!!!! Great Organization with wonderful and dedicated folks!

  9. Etingler says:

    Wonderful – Thank You !

  10. kkrpsyd says:


  11. jdbfire says:

    Now if we could just figure out a way to tag on some names…no the dogs,silly.

  12. harperist2000 says:

    What wonderful work Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Group does. It gives faith that Kindness still exists in this troubled world.

  13. karalynnw33 says:

    What a beautiful video. Love it! :]

  14. ticklemepink0909 says:

    cute animals…
    really good song..
    nice tribute =]

  15. LilyTails says:

    keep up the good work….

  16. kurlin1111 says:

    Hey guys….I see some faces I recognize from the Texas Crap. !!! Ya’ll keep up the good work!!!! Great video!!!

  17. Uther606 says:

    Wonderful. The Video is a great testament to the work that Col. Potter does. A lot of the dogs in that you see were Rescued from Puppy Mills. Out of a cage and into loving arms of a Forever home. .. Thank you so much.

  18. LaurieF142 says:

    What a wonderful tribute to all our babies. Thanks.

  19. LoisQuick says:

    Thanks so much, Lynda! Perfect. 😎
    Lois in CA

  20. imarriedapole says:

    Another outstanding job. Gets me all teary-eyed, in a good way. 😉 Thank you so much for a wonderful Valentine!

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