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The hype curve: iPad finds niche as Couch Companion

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Complete video: fora.tv Jesse Schell, CEO and Creative Director of Schell Games is Gartner Hype Cycle to consumer reaction to the iPad – by inflated expectations, disillusionment, all the way to find the product its own niche as a coffee companion. —– Games constantly revolutionize computer use closer interaction with the human spirit. To achieve this, they continue to revolutionize while. The understanding of the next frontiers of the genre is a way to understand where the company goes. In this presentation, Jesse Schell, the social, cognitive, and technological trends examined in computer game design and use. This program was developed in cooperation with the Long Now Foundation, to 27 Recorded in July 2010. Jesse Schell is the CEO of Schell Games, the author of the authoritative text, The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses, and Professor of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon, specializing in game design. At Walt Disney Imagineering, he was creative director of the VR Studio.
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17 Responses to “The hype curve: iPad finds niche as Couch Companion”

  1. skipperiffic says:

    @ MultiUniv3rsalGibt it on the market, which is better? I was thinking about it yesterday. It is much easier to say, I POD as MP 3 PLAYERS. Two syllables instead of five. It makes a difference in marketing. Youtube-2-2-2-Hulu Google many others. Two syllables, words, companies or products are pleasant to say to the people and use. Seems like an irrelevant point but it is important for marketing.

  2. MultiUniv3rsal says:

    Apple products are still banned from my household. But that is not relevant ipad for me. What bothers me is that Apple MP3 player with the market, it is waste product into a corner getrieben.iPod to MP3 players what Kleenex is to tissue paper.

  3. x1plus1x says:

    This guy had no facts to his analysis. For me, just seems like his opinion based on his own experiences. Everyone I know who have bought the iPad it from the beginning and still loves it. Opinions are fine if they are not disguised as facts.

  4. goog2k says:

    BRAVO! Right on! This guy has a bright future in comedy if not the technology.

  5. ndyt says:

    @ Wildreams close, McCain looks about 40 years older than the guy.

  6. Phelan666 says:

    Yes, that the couch is always a good place to sit and useless.

  7. Phelan666 says:

    @ CoRnflEks This comment is not spam, why is this happening …

  8. coRnflEks says:

    Excellent speaking, should be observed.

  9. shadman1911 says:

    weird voice … sounds like Christopher Walken in times …

  10. 666norton420 says:

    when a laptop is too large and cumbersome for you to sit on the couch, you either have a 22 “screen, you’re a kid or you’re just a giant wuss., D

  11. TemporalOnline says:

    OpenPandora is far better for Couch Internal Ting …

  12. Hulkmania316 says:

    An iPad to $ 35? What is the name of this product! OMG! I want to buy it!


    IPAD is seltsamfliptheworldupsidedown (dot) com slash blog

  14. chrisose says:


  15. CognosSquare says:


  16. wildreams says:

    Why did he not mention that this guy looks in the picture as John McCain.

  17. samus7 says:

    This guy is awesome!

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