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Paleface – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)

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Paleface – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)

25 Responses to “Paleface – Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)”

  1. JohnLad09EFC says:

    theres just something about this song!

  2. kartboy003 says:

    sick bruv

  3. 9finland says:

    Can someone help me? I’m finding a song which says “mini mini mini” in the chorus.I have heard the song in a Finish radio. I think that the author of this song is Paleface but I’m not sure.Please,I need the name of this song..Thak you! ;)?

  4. danimal4you says:

    @miq44 DIRPY IT 😀

  5. Eskobar2010 says:


  6. Chloejadebawden13x says:

    sickkk tuneeee ;P

  7. mrextra08 says:


  8. miq44 says:

    were can i download it
    its f*king amazing

  9. TheUrbanTube says:

    amazin this is its on the new uk funky album i just downIoaded free from bassline. org yeee baby!

  10. AlixxWuzzah says:

    Can I get some chicken to go with this tunagee!

  11. ragvsta says:

    bigggggggg tunage

  12. HBErdnuss says:

    Woooohoooo nice soft fast track.

  13. luraylu says:

    love this track its whicked

  14. TheMinixxxxx says:

    wat a wiked tune luv it!!!!!

  15. boilingmoon says:


  16. 483115 says:

    Love this song! 😀

  17. awadeeras says:

    in a league of its own!!

  18. boss4cs says:

    Just Faster then Original and nothin more..LOL

  19. misscrazyable says:

    Wicked! wicked! track

  20. LPK1991 says:

    very nice tune

  21. GirtasFromLt says:


  22. kuplaz05 says:


  23. XxCemreKolikXx says:


  24. xxxNiKKixxx1996 says:

    this song is awesome !!! SICK OR WAT!!

  25. markysutra says:

    er below…

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