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Mickey Rourke Hero / Anti-Hero.

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Mickey Rourke (born September 16, 1956 in Schenectady, New York) is an American actor who has appeared primarily in the drama, action, thrillers and movies. Trained as a boxer in his early years, Rourke had a short stint as a professional fighter in the 1990s. Although his acting career has been uneven, he has carved a niche in recent decades in dark, marginalized anti-hero roles.

25 Responses to “Mickey Rourke Hero / Anti-Hero.”

  1. SUGARPOP73 says:

    Mickey liked Billy Idol

  2. knowledgewarrenpofh says:

    he is amazing actor

  3. ideagirlconsulting says:

    Love your video posted on the idea, girl says WordPress, along with other vids from Mickey idea girls advice on word press his 80 films, so fans can be reminded that they see their fav actor in The Expendables 2010 film starring Sylvester Stallone

  4. AzurePalmsSensation says:

    the gayest song ever another big picture collage. He was born in 1952 by the way.


    One of the most beautiful men ever! Love u, Mickey

  6. ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

    Mickey is great and probably the most gifted actors of his generation and one of the Great but this video sucks, especially the music.

  7. strawdog1234567 says:

    Mickey Rourke is the biggest film of all time attendance.

  8. leannekiblerfa says:

    Special effects supervisor Chuck Gaspar. I found this movie for free @ Movie Watcher. U.S.

  9. wasteland70 says:

    Large assembly, but I must agree, the music just is not Mickey Rourke. However, I favorited it.

  10. gr14120047 says:

    It broke my heart when he talked about his dog

  11. noraacmw says:

    seriously, the music is freakin gay … it should change

  12. TheEtoiledusoir says:

    Un si beau sourire … quel gachi … The smile of Mickey from the blows …. It is a shame

  13. 9rin says:

    yup, but IMHO it fits perfekt.Man this clip could almost feel Mickey’s progression through the Fussion between the soundtrack and the photo montage.

  14. shikiya29 says:

    ke me mande un diosito Mike Rourke pero a partir de los 25 aƱos, ke hombre tan sexy chikitito las ganas le Despierta a cualkiera

  15. NikoKostet says:

    for some guys, it takes a lifetime to recover from their childhood …

  16. beautifuldreamer80 says:

    cool pix, but the music? be like the last thing I would associate with Mickey Rourke.

  17. Kathignac says:

    Thank you for your response. I guess since I have a negative comment about the fact that I got the song as I’d like to meet him, he must be a fascinating person ….

  18. JennJenification says:

    Kath: “… and in the eighties, the most beautiful creature on earth ..” So true. He was adorable. You could see a kindness that was inside to the outside. He still looks pretty good for his age and everything he’s been through.

  19. superbev2000 says:

    I’ve never met Mickey but I do not see interviews with him that he is a very genuine and sincere people. what you see is what you get with him. I’m glad he has a second Had a chance.

  20. furmountain21 says:

    I do not like the song. It almost seems the opposite of Mickey Rourke, based on what I will do with him. I had a drink with him at the Royalton in NYC after his break with Carrie Otis. Helluva nice guy. Boxing really fucked him.

  21. Kathignac says:

    there is nothing wrong with that, gay … but I like this music very much … only a difference of opinions … It does not really matter … I hope you like Mickey as much as I have … I really think he is a wonderful person and a phenomenal actor!

  22. thecoolestcooler says:

    nope … as a fact, I have a 7-year-old daughter born on Mickey’s birthday. but really, the music sucks and is very gay ….

  23. Kathignac says:

    but he is not gay …. Are you ….?

  24. thecoolestcooler says:

    perfect gay song

  25. KevinDurandFan says:

    he used to be soooo wonderful … I think he ruined his perfect face with all the damn surgery! I miss the old Mickey: (

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