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The Challenge 2010: Module 1/Day 7 – Commercial Indicators

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www.challenge.co GuruBob explains the importance of finding indicators of commercial activity in a micro-niche and wraps up Module 1 of The Challenge 2010. Find out more about Gurubob here: www.gurubob.co

16 Responses to “The Challenge 2010: Module 1/Day 7 – Commercial Indicators”

  1. flinagin says:

    @focusonguitar Congrats man, you made much money?
    Looking forward to hopefully getting to the point where you are.

  2. icanreallydoit says:

    i am quite familiar in this. :-) you can ask me to do it for you at a fair price. visit my youtube page…

  3. mjnewland81 says:

    @killerconfidence…how much are you offering?

  4. KillerConfidence says:

    @Wrasslerr .. Pretty funny answer. I think I was getting at finding a specific person (like Ed and his staff) that could do this for me….unless of course, you have a specific suggestion.

  5. Wrasslerr says:

    @KillerConfidence It’s called “outsourcing”.

  6. KillerConfidence says:


    This is all great…and I am doing all the assignments, but man, it is really tedious. Can’t I just hire someone to do all this for me? How about you?



  7. angelwingsyo says:

    @drwhitefield – I wonder that myself. eHow tops so many lists on my keyword choices. Can I even compete with them? Possibly because if you actually read the eHows, you will find that many are not rated the best. That instantly (at least for me) gives the author discredit. Who wants to Tweet or Like that? Maybe the content we create can top eHow and the YouTube videos. They did it first, but we can do better. Right?

  8. focusonguitar says:

    Fame at last!! I was amazed to see my website ranking at number one for the phrase “vintage electric guitar ebook” in this video.

  9. 1webfan says:

    Here’s the last video for module 1. Pick a micro niche and get ready for module 2 .

  10. VitalyMakarkin says:

    @drwhitefield Oh sorry I’m taking about your “virgin territory”. My opinion just to try it.

    btw, sorry for my English sometimes it’s correct sometimes not =)

  11. drwhitefield says:

    @VitalyMakarkin Which strategy? Incidentally I got a reply from the Market Samurai team that it IS virgin territory and one will do well to go ahead with greatkeyword dotcom

  12. VitalyMakarkin says:

    @drwhitefield I have a same question (for the last year). But one way which I think (just think) it’s give it try this strategy.

  13. tyroneshum says:

    Hey Bob,

    Great tutorial. Finding micro-niches which will make you money can really be that tough and so finding commercial indicators could really help. I’ll see what I can work and tweak through more of the strategies inside here. So far I’m onto affiliate programs and just info products. Thanks!

  14. morganslv says:

    Hey thank you for the info can I put amazon affiliate program on my channel?

  15. drwhitefield says:

    Let’s say you found a keyword that perfectly suits your niche… “great keyword”.

    You also have greatkeyword dotcom available.

    On page 1 for ‘great keyword’ are 2 youtube videos, 2 amazon listings, 1 ehow, 1 ezine, 1 wikipedia and 3 private sites with low PR and low BLP.

    Is this a virgin territory? Will google make way for greatkeyword dotcom because it has maximum direct relevance or is it that you are fighting the biggies?

  16. JZKretail says:

    WooHooo 😀 first comment!

    Great series 😀 was up until almost 4 am yesterday working on my key words with your kick azz program!

    I ‘ll buy it next month!

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